Love is all around - In the name of Thiago - Day 17

In the name of Thiago

Love is all around….

Well as you may recall yesterday was a pretty tough day at the office and this particular picture of Thiago giving his opinion summed up my feelings succinctly. I’m sure more intelligent people and those with an inclination to fanny about might try to describe it differently but in a nutshell, it was one to forget.

Today – while still veering towards the shittier side of days of my existence – was a huge improvement. Halleujah I hear you say, we can’t be dealing with any more of that woe is me bollocks he was churning out in yesterday’s blog.

So yes folks I am happier. And the reason for my change in mood is for two reasons. The first reason is why I’m doing this in the first place and that’s the fact that I’m going to be a glass half full type of guy. Not in the nauseous management corporate bollocks way you understand but on an actual emotional level way. The nice way.

The second reason is down to the power and kindness of humanity. Since I poured melancholy on you all yesterday, I’ve had two extremely kind financial donations to the cause and been approached by members of the children’s services team at work, who have said that, not only did they want to donate, but they also want to join me on the journey.

There was even talk of relaying support through the tricky middle stages of Northamptonshire. As I sat there listening to their passion to help with tears pouring down my face again, it made me think ‘you know what lad, people really do care about you, you big daft apeth.’

After all that extraordinary emotional outpouring – which I need to tell you, is absolutely exhausting – it was time to head off to the park. No Fivestar this time as she was still reeling from the shock of doing some exercise yesterday, but my mate Claire was there again and this time Georgie came too. They’re a pair of good ‘uns.

(Gibbs stands with an air of insouciance as he prepares to bosh one into the playground)

I absolutely smashed it on the zip wire once again and then we found a football. Isn’t that just brilliant when that happens! So the three of us had a bit of a kick about, Claire got her suede shoes all mucky and I pinged a couple right in the onion bag (to be fair there was no net to the goal but that’s a phrase I just wanted to shoehorn in because I can) and we all left feeling much happier and healthier.

I even got round to doing some work today as well. It’s bloody tricky getting back into the rhythm and it’s also fair to say that your capability physically to get back to wherever some draconian measure needs you to be at, is dependent on a whole bunch of factors that most people, fortunately for them, will never have to experience. 

Lastly today it was yoga. I really enjoy it, it’s surprised me how much I’ve actually enjoyed it. I do still get the giggles when while working our feet, Pam tells us to massage the balls. And during today’s session, I had a terrible case of rumbling belly but of all the things I could have got a case of, a rumbling belly is veering towards the more acceptable end I’d venture.

And just before I go, it’s my usual request for donations. Whatever you can afford to give will be extremely gratefully received by University Hospital Stoke and Birmingham Children’s Hospital:


  1. Hey! Been doing what is now my weekly catch up on your blog so rather than posting a comment on each article, here they are all in one go...

    1. What you do is valuable. Communication is key to the organisation's function and you've always been great at helping to ensure that is done effectively.

    2. Grief takes time. You can't be 'Jolly Hockeysticks' every day. Some days will be good, some will be bad and there may be no logical reason for either.

    3. Learn to update your blog on your phone or on a tablet and then you'll be able to blog everyday. I assumed from your expressed concern that you're using a desktop.

    Great blog. Your honesty is lovely.


    1. Hey thanks Fiona, some great tips there and I really appreciate your kind words too. Just finished writing a piece for Time to Talk Day (Feb 6) this morning. Feeling much better for doing that and just had a blub in front of Mark Palethorpe. There are great people here, I'm very thankful for that 😊


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