The return of the drunkards - In the name of Thiago - Day 21

In the name of Thiago

The return of the drunkards – Day 21

One of the challenges of writing a daily blog is staying sober, or at least sober enough, for long periods of time if you’re planning on potentially being in a situation where you might end up having one over the eight.

My social life these days tends to revolve around friends visiting my home and it’s certainly been a very long time since Angelica and I went anywhere together unless you count all Thiago’s hospital appointments. It is a possibility though, that I may end up being slightly the worse for wear this evening, so I find myself starting this blog at the almost implausible time of 2pm.

I was actually hoping to have a little tipple last night, (let’s call it pre-match preparation) after what had been a positive day but I just didn’t quite get there. On the plus side, I am up to date with the laundry, (yippee!) and I managed to spend some quality time with Elisa as you can see from the pic.

 (Elisa is a pretty fine dominoes player and takes great pleasure in explaining the tactical genius behind every victory. Suffice to say, there are many!)

So on to today. The big man was despatched to his brother’s place (my uncle Brian) in Chester this morning. It was a long and painful goodbye, not because I was sad to see him go. Christ no, far from it.

At one point I thought it was all going to be off as he just got really frustrated with not being able to find his mobile (he’d left it in his car last night) and then there was a comedy moment where he was sat at the top of the stairs with clothes strewn all over the landing. But we got there, just. At shortly after 11, he was on his way.

Elisa dances on a Saturday, so my next job was taking her and Bella to Trent Vegas for that. I’m one of the few dads that actually bothers to make conversation in this female dominated environment and it’s not unreasonable to say that doing so doesn’t come without risk.

Today’s chit chat centred on the musical merits of Frozen 2. The girls are dancing to this one for the next show at the Stoke Repertory Theatre in October. The song they’re working up a routine to is ‘Into the Unknown’. As you well know, I’m generally loathe to offer an opinion on most subjects but like the film itself, this is an absolute crock of shit.

Six years there were between the first Frozen film and the follow up. If I’d had six years to work on something and came up with that I’d feel a little embarrassed. But perhaps that’s because I set such impeccably high standards!

(looking good girls - Angelica, Claire and Amelia right on top of their game)

I can also report that the douchie-shaking, which my mate Steve – walking buddy Steve not Super Steve the gas engineer – politely pointed out to me today should have been tushy-shaking, from yesterday has taken its toll on Angelica. She reckons she racked up 30,000 steps. Well all I can say is, that’s one hell of a pub crawl!

Very lastly today, I was reminded at Elisa’s dancing today that yesterday was NHS pay day (well certainly at my local hospital at any rate). So folks, I think you know what’s coming next…


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