Up and running - In the name of Thiago - Day 5

It might end up being a slightly shorter version of the blog today, simply because I’m absolutely bushed. The day started at 2.30am with the airport run as I mentioned yesterday. I drove up to Manchester with Angelica and naturally her parents, Edilberto and Marilena. Angelica and I have been married for 14 years and in that time it’s been very hard to get to know her parents as it’s really tough financially for us to go there. When it comes to them visiting us it’s almost impossible as the Brazilian real doesn’t go very far in the UK.

While the reason for them coming twice in the space of six months is terribly sad, it has at least allowed me to get to know them better. And all joking aside, that has been a blessing this last few weeks, when the lows have been very low indeed.

It’s also allowed me the perfect opportunity to keep improving my Portuguese. With the exception of a piece of translation at my auntie’s house where I inadvertently killed off my uncle by getting the words for living and dying confused, my language skills have broadly been well appreciated. Maybe they’re just being polite.

The other big achievement for me today was the opening of my fundraising campaign to support my Eastbourne to Stoke walk this summer and already it has received two donations. Let’s hope it will be the start of many. It would be very remiss of me if I didn’t take the opportunity to share the link to how to donate so here it is: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ChrisGibbs9

I need to also say a special thank you to Olly Prentice for designing the logo for the page. I love it, thank you Olly!

Finally today, to maintain my fitness push, I’ve been out on the tennis court this evening. Much like my life as a whole, there were flashes of brilliance, lengthy chunks of mediocrity and occasional outbursts, which if made on the hallowed turf of SW19 may have earned me a code violation. For the record, I was beaten narrowly by the equally sweary Richard Coates 6-4, 3-6, 10-8. I forgot to take a picture while we were on court so you’ll have to take me on my word as the photo was only taken as I was leaving Draycott. And yes Jamie, that is the fabled Fort William beanie! 


  1. Well done on increasing activity Chris - it looked like it was starting to work at skating today, well done.

    1. It's very early days Rob but the biggest journey still starts with a small step and I've done that now! I'm giving myself credit for that šŸ˜‰


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