What have I done? - In the name of Thiago - Day 14

In the name of Thiago

Well now I’ve had 24 hours to reflect on events from yesterday, the jubilation of setting out the plan has been replaced by other feelings of a surprisingly practical nature. Will I get lost, how will I be able to raise money on the way, will I still be able to publish my blog each day, will Angelica and Elisa still remember me when I get back and of particular concern, where am I going to wash my pants?

On a more serious note, I’ve also been thinking about whether what I’m doing can involve my Dad? Dad and I bonded really well yesterday when we were poring over maps of the route and I’m determined to keep that positivity in our relationship.

The old man is sadly not well enough to walk a stage but he seems to be quite keen on providing ‘support’ through the use of a narrowboat he intends to buy in time for the summer. It’s not a sensible thought by any stretch of the imagination but the idea of popping on board after a day’s walking and downing a few with the old boy seems like it could easily turn into one of the iconic moments (easily being repeated on loop), of the summer!

The thing about sharing a route with people and talking about what it might entail is that it opens up a world of exciting possibilities. I have of course, had numerous offers of being joined on a rest day – fear not I shall be going after these offenders with renewed vigour for more charity cash. One possibility in particular has got me very excited for the joy the friendship brings, together with its added poignancy.

My lovely Austrian friends Daniel, Kathi and their son Benni live in Vienna. I’ve known Daniel and Kathi for 17 years, since they were teenagers in fact. And though our visits to each other are infrequent, they are really important and bring fun-filled beautiful moments.

Benni and Thiago were both born in February last year and like Angelica and I, Daniel and Kathi had hoped that the boys might grow up being modern-day European pen pals. That sadly will never happen now, but our friendship will not diminish. Far from it, it’s a reason to bond more closely than ever.

Last night Daniel worked out that at roughly the moment the ‘In the name of Thiago memorial walk’ would be passing by Crawley, it would be feasible for him to be arriving at Gatwick airport, literally a hop skip and a jump from this glorious Sussex shithole. I have visions of hollering over a runway to the terminal “oi Daniel, Redhill’s this way”. Ooh I’ve just remembered there’s a decent Harveys pub in Redhill too so this just gets better and better!

So my feelings for the day can be summed up as happy, sad, excited, fearful, up, down, hopeful and reflective.  Try getting an emoticon for that Facebook! This really is going to be an emotional rollercoaster folks…

Almost forgot, the boots. They’ll be getting their first run out tomorrow as I’m heading out to The Roaches with the girls. More on that tomorrow!


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