A good day - In the name of Thiago - Day 54

As a title for a blog this is frankly lousy as shit but as a summary of events, it does the job nicely.

Angelica sent me in to work with another 30 felt hearts produced painstakingly by our dear neighbour Mel, all of which have been sold making the splendid total of £104.77, which the mathematicians among you will note, pretty much equates to an average donation of about £3.50. A good day’s fundraising all in all.

The little man above would hopefully be proud of his old man, well he looks pretty cheerful in this picture anyway. I spend a lot of my time being a bit of a knob, (I don’t mean to it’s just the way of things), but when it comes to this fundraising shebang, I seem to have the hang of it. Essentially it’s about being personable and this is a strength for me even if do say so myself.

We had a team meeting today at work. They only tend to happen every 3-4 weeks, so when they happen there’s generally quite a lot to get through. Today I was paired with fellow broadcasting legend Trevor Green.

I suppose the main difference between us is that Trevor genuinely was a legend of broadcasting with Granada having been an outstanding reporter and newsreader in his time, while I was more a broadcaster who created moments which went down in local broadcasting folklore in a very memorable way. Not all of them on air thankfully!

One difference we didn’t have today was in our sartorial elegance, which as you can see was right on the money. I just regret making a guppy finish at feeding time expression for the photo. Trevor meanwhile of course, remained calmness personified something he made a career out of. He really is a very fine fellow.

Back to the now and I’m off to ice skating in a bit with Elisa as I need to speak to a man about a sponsorship package, so you’ll have to forgive -or perhaps be grateful for - the brevity of today’s blog. If there’s one thing I know you’ll understand by now, nothing will ever get in the way of me raising money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and RoyalStoke University Hospital

So without further ado my hook must be slung. Keep spreading the word folks and help me to reach my£10,000 target - we’re nearly halfway there now folks!


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