Piddling around in Penzance - In the name of Thiago - Day 48

After I’d posted yesterday’s blog, Diane and Harry, (but mostly Diane!) very kindly insisted on treating the three of us and her son and grandsons to a lovely bit of nosebag at the Meaderie in Penzance, which is where the picture below is taken.

I can assure you that this place does not skimp on portioning. Neither does it skimp on mead, which is something you probably don’t say or write in today’s age very often. While everyone else was being responsible(ish), auntie Diane and I cracked on with the mead. It went down a treat, as did I when my head hit the pillow last night!

I deliberately allowed other people to get up before me today as I had been feeling a little awkward about being on my own in the morning and not wanting to get away before anyone else had put in an appearance. As it turned out, Angelica was up and about and fancied a morning walk – not one of my Herculean efforts admittedly but nonetheless I wasn’t going to turn my nose up at such an opportunity.

We probably did about an hour or so, maybe slightly more. The highlight of it was passing this place that Elisa calls the Hobbit House.

When we got back, I battled to get Elisa out of bed – this has been a common theme this week – a battle I eventually won and so we set off on a day trip. At lunch time. We got to Marazion at shortly after 1pm only to discover that there were no more boat trips running to this this place pictured below, St Michael’s Mount.

The skittle alley we then decided that we would go to was closed and so after a fair bit of dicking about, we decided to have a nose around Penzance. Now Penzance wasn’t quite the craphole I was expecting it to be. Yes it has problems with drug users and alcohol abuse but today it looked like it could be something. Sure, it needs investment but don’t most places outside Boris’ beloved London?

This fella Sir Humphry Davy was born in Penzance. The writing on the statue said he was most famous for his discovery of nitrous oxide. That’s laughing gas to me and thee. I’d say that the Davy Lamp used by Cornish miners and many miners further afield was probably better known but anyway this is he and today he came complete with a seagull. Actually I imagine that’s often the case in this seaside town.

Elisa loves Gunwalloe Bay so Angelica took her back there today with Diane. I got dropped off at the Halzephron Inn in the village where I enjoyed two superb pints of Porthleven and a chat with Chris the barman there that jacked in everything he had in London a couple of years ago to start a new life in Cornwall. I wish him very well for he’s a cracking bloke.

I’ve been thinking of fundraising ideas too to help me reach my £10,000 target today. I am enormously thankful to Rob Crossland for sourcing some corporate sponsorship today and I know that I need to raise my game too. In the name of Thiago, I will do this!


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