Decisions decisions - In the name of Thiago - Day 37

It’s been a busy old day with one thing and another, which as a summary tells you virtually nothing but is unfortunately a reflection of the nervousness I have at discussing anything that takes place where most of us spend a third of our lives.

One thing I can discuss though is the continuing dilemma that my father provides. As I was fully focussed on the walk in the blog yesterday, I never got to mention that my Dad had had another of his funny turns. It just keeps seeming to happen.

Angelica and I have just finished having a very open chat with Dad about our concerns. I’m supposed to be going away with Angelica and Elisa to visit my aunt this weekend and frankly we’re worried about doing that now. I really want to see a big improvement in my Dad and as yet I’m not confident that this will happen. His problems are mental as much as physical is what we’ve quickly realised and it will take time to improve that side of his health.

Dad gives me reassurances that he’s on top of it and that I shouldn’t worry but well you know how this works. The fact that I’m a natural worrier anyway probably doesn’t help matters!

After yesterday’s 15 miler, I can honestly say that I am feeling pretty good today. I felt like a sack of shit when I limped through the front door yesterday but my recovery has been full and impressive even if I do say so myself. I am considering another walk to work this week and I’m also planning on playing tennis on Wednesday evening so the Gibbster is definitely looking to get back on the road both figuratively and literally.

Storm Ciara has definitely given Elisa a bonus start to the week. After Angelica had been to register Dad to our GP and then been to have some bloods taken for herself, the snow came. Knowing that opportunities like this have been pretty scarce lately, the girls went to nearby ‘Bunny Hill’ straight after school and had a right good time of it as you can see.

I was feeling a little despondent earlier as donations have just slowed up for my walk so I’m going to take some of the beautiful little felt hearts that Angelica has been painstakingly making at home for the last week and see if I can flog a few at work ahead of Valentine’s Day. Our old neighbour Mel is joining the production line tomorrow for an afternoon at least so we are stepping things up on that front.

As I’ve just told you that donations have slowed up a little, it would be very remiss of me not to point you in the direction of how you can put that right. So here you go folks:

Until tomorrow folks..


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