Eureka! - In the name of Thiago - Day 34

Eureka – Day 34

What a fucking day. Amidst all the misery and gloom and generally huge swathes of depression, there is always hope. They can never take that away from you.

And so it was that after years of never really properly speaking to each other that today, my dad and I got somewhere. I’m not going to say more than that on here because well frankly there’s some shizzle that has to remain in house. Let me say this though. I love the old bastard and the old bastard loves me back. That’s not a bad start I reckon.

In all this time of enlightenment there’s one person that deserves more credit than anyone, and that’s my absolutely sensational wife Angelica.

Angelica has spent her whole adult life caring. She has cared for adults with dementia, she has cared for adults and young people with learning difficulties, she’s cared for retired naval officers, (some of the most polite people she’s ever worked with) and she’s cared for young people and babies, including our own two wonderful children.

And now after all this caring, she’s still giving everything of herself and her time to looking after my Dad. I’m asking myself how on fucking earth has she got anything left to give because frankly I’m broken. Well I tell you what, she’s given me a level to aspire to and though I’ll probably never be able to match her Herculean levels of compassion, I shall endeavour to be a lot less of a dick. Baby steps and all that.

Our home is a happy place tonight. Dad has got a lot off his chest, (which was much-needed), Elisa is really looking forward to a night out with the Lithuanians and Angelica is going out on the smash with a bunch of drunken nurses.

I shall be heading up the Dick Turpin (the Dickie as it’s known colloquially) with Elisa to meet my friends Mindaugas and Kristina and their two daughters Elze and Morta very soon. They are wonderful people. Elisa loves to spend time with the girls, who are all very similar in age, and that enables the adults to have peace of mind, and well crack on!

So I shall crack on if that’s all the same to you ladies and gents. I believe it may very well be beer o’clock, (puts Leave them all behind by Ride on Spotify and begins his work). Hurrah and hizzah!


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