Happy birthday little man - In the name of Thiago - Day 31

So this is it folks, the day I really wasn’t looking forward to. The day my little man would have turned one. Instead I’m driving up to the cemetery with a helium balloon with Angelica and we’re trying to do our best.

Angelica sang happy birthday to him in Portuguese and we stood side by side as the weather battered the three of us. We stood silently, then started crying our eyes out before quietly heading back towards the main building to clean ourselves up.

Even the balloon gave up, which momentarily made me angry and upset. I mean that’s all we had to mark his birthday and it barely survived a minute. But we were there showing our faces, being his mum and dad just as we always be until the day we die because that’s what parents do I guess.

Thiago is being just as popular in the media as he was in real life.

Signal Radio have been carrying a news line on him all day while The Sentinel also wrote about how I plan to honour his name this summer with my walk. That will be online tomorrow.

Maybe that’s the gift I’m giving my son. The gift of actually doing something incredible for other children through the fundraising for the NHS and being able to say to him with complete sincerity that his short life has been, is and will be an extraordinary force for good.

Ah well that’s me done ladies and gents. I am spent. I’m heading off to yoga now to see if I can take myself to golden time. Night night.


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