I'm too old for this - In the name of Thiago - Day 42

So I published yesterday’s blog just as my training mate Steve and his good lady Sarah turned up at the house last night with Elisa, who had been round their gaff after school.

Within minutes it was obvious where last night was heading and we were all powerless to stop it! Dad sat with us right up until about half eleven being extremely disciplined staying on the apple and raspberry juice. I’ve got to say, I admired his discipline and I’m sure he was fairly amused by the rapid deterioration of the four of us sat round him.

Christ alive did I pay for all last night’s frolics today though. People have said to me that I should be careful with my relationship with alcohol while I’m still in the early stages of my grief for Thiago. But while I do have the occasional bosh up (and yesterday’s was completely spontaneous I might add in my defence!), I am certainly not reaching for the bottle on a regular basis.

Drinking for me is a way of socialising. When I’m on my own though I don’t crave it, so I’m happy that I’ve got the balance about right.

Angelica has gone to see her friend Elisangela down in Bedford today. Every now and again she has a weekend away meeting up with some her Brazilian friends, it’s been a while since we hosted one at ours – it was always tricky with Thiago being in and out of hospital – but sometimes she takes a well-deserved bit of time out for herself.

Angelica spends most of her life giving her time to others so I’m always happy to see her letting her hair down, I just hope that she’s able to relax, which is something that she finds so hard to do.

With the good lady away and Storm Dennis brewing up nicely, it seemed like a good time to spend the afternoon at the cinema. Apparently I had promised Elisa that I would take her to the pictures yesterday, unfortunately I couldn’t remember doing that so had to take her word for it.

Elisa is so adept at recognising opportunity, I think she could go into business quite easily if she knocks the idea of being a zookeeper on the head. She likes asking me things when I’m in a slightly altered state at home and so I’m even more incapable than usual of arguing my case.

Anyway Dr Doolittle was fun enough although I spent most of the film being annoyed with myself for not being able to remember Robert Downey Junior’s name. I also felt the eyelids closing a couple of times as well so yesterday was definitely taking its toll.

I’m getting on so much better with Dad now, which is a blessed relief. I’m feeling far more confident as well that his health is going to hold up for a while longer. Just need to get him out and about taking walks again as he’s been, shall we say, fairly dormant this week. That will come though and we are getting there!

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