Opening up at Malkin's Bank - In the name of Thiago - Day 56

This evening I returned to the scene of the flooding I experienced on yesterday’s epic walk to work, which briefly threatened to derail my heroic efforts.

Well sort of at least. To be precise, I was a guest speaker at Malkin’s Bank Golf Club near Sandbach. It’s a lovely little club which welcomed Angelica and I this evening with open arms. It’s also the first time that Angelica and I have been out together for far too long. Yes I know that there were a ton of other people there as well but just getting out together is a good thing.

I met a couple of other folk as well who had lost a son, so there were plenty of tears and a couple of donations as well to go in the charity coffers. I had a lovely evening and so did Angelica.

(I also got to have a bit of nosebag with the outgoing golf club captains and partners before) 

I’ve also been working on a podcast today with a really good bloke called Flav, who is putting together a series of podcasts focussed on promoting better understanding of mental health.

We had a good 40 minutes today where we both ended up being really emotional. Flav has experienced loss as well so I think some of the shit I’m going through at the moment struck a chord with him too. We’re all in this together folks.

We’re due to meet each other in person next weekend at my sister’s house in Wiltshire for a proper face to face interview. The podcast when it is broadcast later in the year will go out under the banner of ‘the fighting cock’ – a reference to the connections with the mighty Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

Okay folks I’m sorry this is a bit of a cop out, but it’s half ten, I’m half cut and there’s a wonderful lady in my life who hasn’t been getting enough attention of late, so I’m going to put that right. Now. To be fair she might already be asleep. Crack on Gibbs.

Keep that fundraising locomotive going folks. Every penny is absolutely vital.


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