Rainy walks and hearty lunches - In the name of Thiago - Day 47

Well I’m feeling a lot better after yesterday’s emotional dip. Sometimes you’ve just got to force yourself to keep going so I’m proud of myself for having done that today as I felt lousy as shit this morning.

While feeling like crap, I was also aware of the fact that I needed to keep moving. So after a lateish start despite being the first up, I trundled off towards Gunwalloe, known to some people for being home to the church featured in the more recent series of Poldark.

And as befits a walking day for me, it was throwing it down again. Armed with my new fancy dan Berghaus raincoat and swimshorts combo, I felt like nothing could stop me. But I had reckoned without the Halzephron Inn, (more of that later).

My first port of call was the viewing station at Culdrose. Not a single sodding aircraft landed or took off while I was there so readers I am afraid that I have failed you as I can’t be arsed to head all the way back up there for a third time tomorrow. You’ll just have to settle for this slightly crappy photo instead.

On I powered into the village of Gunwalloe. It was going pretty well until the rain felt like it was turning to hail, it was battering my bare legs so bloody hard. And then almost out of the half light some deity must have intervened as the Halzephron Inn appeared. Magnificent Now here’s the thing. I could have continued walking but because I didn’t need to I thought sod it, I’ll have a swift half while I wait for the girls to turn up, who were planning on picking me up at the cove a further mile down the road.

It was a good decision. Yes I felt a little bad for leaving there a couple of hours later nearly fifty notes lighter after a decent lunch for the three of us, (and puddings for those greedy girls!), but up until now about the most expensive thing I’ve bought was a pint in the Swan Inn – my auntie and uncle’s local. And like I said if I’d needed to carry on I could have done. I felt quiet strong, in the legs at least.

On we went by car this time, to the Godolphin Gardens on the outskirts of Helston. A few of the buildings were closed but it was still a nice way to burn off a few calories after a generous lunch and gave the three of us a little time to relax together. While we were doing a spot of origami, Angelica decided to design a bird on behalf of Thiago, which brought a tear to my eye.

We then darted back to Gunwalloe, where I made a little video which I shared on Twitter earlier (I’m at chrisgibbs76 if you fancy giving me a follow) in ‘Dollar’ cove. It was blowing a hoolie, as an old broadcasting colleague from the north east used to say, and you could barely hear a word I said. But hey it was fun.  The cove gets his name incidentally from a Spanish shipwreck which was found here. It’s slightly disappointing to me that it’s not called Peseta Cove but never mind. This is the Poldark church I was talking about earlier. A beautiful little building and a more delightful scene for a place of worship you’ll not likely find.

Angelica and Elisa went for a barefoot paddle the pair of nutters that they are and this last picture is of Elisa, you should just be able to make her out in the distance.

Thanks for reading everyone and don’t forget to donate to the two amazing hospitals I’m raising money for this summer.



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