Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey - In the name of Thiago - Day 43

There were a few things that I probably should have achieved today but I pretty much have managed to avoid achievement altogether for one day, excusing myself by dint of a storm called Dennis. I’d have preferred Duncan myself. At least then if it had been a really big storm, you could have called it Big Dunc.

With Angelica up to no good in the party central town of Bedford, I was still holding the fort at Gibbonator Towers back in Staffordshire. And with the weather being so lame, the day quickly slumped to Elisa watching a film or two, the old man reading his magazines and me well just faffing really.

 (a shit view from my bedroom window just before Dennis had another proper blast) 

The 1,000 piece Harry Potter puzzle that I bought from a charity shop in Sandbach is still in the box despite my best attempts to convince Elisa. I mean it was a rainy day as well. What better chance will we/she get? I may have bitten off more than I can chew with that one.

Three possible streams of fundraising have moved forward today though, which is a very good thing to be sharing. Firstly my good friend Nigel has invited me along to a business breakfast group he organises to meet some folks who simply by attending the meeting will be helping me raise a few quid – anything they make on the day after overheads goes straight to the charity they are supporting – on the day. And better still, the meeting is held at the Titanic Brewery!

And then after that great news from Nigel, my tennis coach friend Craig sent me a message to say that Draycott Tennis Club had agreed to have an afternoon fundraising event on my birthday – May 9. This will be a lovely way for me to celebrate turning, ouch, 44, whack a few balls, have a couple of pints and raise a few quid in memory of my son. Get in.

My training mate Steve also said when were all shitfaced on Friday night that he’d like to try to raise a few quid at his work as well so on the fundraising front it’s been a very good day. No actual money raised but a few irons in the fire as it were. Anyway, I knocked up this poster for him to use so hopefully that’ll help, which I’ve just realised I ought to add the fundraising link to the bottom of. Told you I wasn’t operating at full throttle today!

Off to take my Dad to a hospital appointment tomorrow morning and then driving to Cornwall via a little village near Salisbury to drop the old man at my sister’s house. Hope this Dennis calms his shit down…


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