Suddenly everything hurts - In the name of Thiago - Day 46

It’s hard to explain but sometimes my body just wants to give up. And the ironic thing is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the long walk I did yesterday. I just get so exhausted. I used to think this was ME or chronic fatigue syndrome as I felt like this pretty much constantly from my mid-teens through my twenties and into my thirties.  

But when I got diagnosed with sleep apnoea three years ago and had to start wearing a mask to sleep, things improved instantly. I have just about got used to looking like the elephant man at night, though I wonder how it makes Angelica feel sometimes. Let’s just say, it’s not very alluring. Today has just made me slightly anxious though because these times of being exhausted used to last for weeks and months and that’s the last thing I need right now with everything that’s going on.

Talking of things that are going on, despite all that I’ve just described, I managed to get out with my girls and aunty Diane today. We all piled into the car this morning with the intention of going to Mousehole – make sure you know how to pronounce it before going there – and then changed our minds a few times en route. Suffice to say, we never made it to Mousehole.

Our first stop was Trengwainton Gardens, a little national Trust spot we found almost by accident. My first photo today is from the gardens looking out to Mount’s Bay. On a clear day I imagine this would be a cracking view. Couldn’t see shit today though.

From there, we decided to whip round to Land’s End. It’s a bit of a tourist trap these days sadly but it’s still somewhere that holds a great deal of fascination to me at least. Anything to do with borders or islands just does it for me. Slightly odd I know but there you go.

Apart from the £4 charge for the car park, there were plenty of opportunities to get sluiced for a few quid everywhere you looked. I only wanted to stand by the sign and walk around that last piece of land before the Antarctic takes over. They want money off you for that too, which is why you can’t make out the writing on the signs as we weren’t able to get any closer.

Now I’m not saying that there’s no value to be had through the various options that the tourism bods are putting on at Land’s End but I’m not sure that Chicago town pizza is going to be a winner. I guess I’ll be leaving that for someone else to report on.

The winds were properly getting to work as we walked towards the coastal path down to Sennen Cove and it was at around about that moment that I regretted not having done a proper walk today. Cousin Johnny had suggested we might be able to work from Porthleven to Land’s End and it never quite happened that way. I hope my old mate is doing okay, he’s a good lad.  

From the edge of England, we drove a couple of miles along the coast to Sennen - it's less to walk. Sennen probably suffers a little by contrast with its more illustrious neighbour and yet it is stunning, far more so actually.

Elisa got to play on the beach and then it made me a bit sad knowing that those days will be gone soon and I won’t be able to repeat them with Thiago. Elisa continues to make me feel proud though and I still feel very fortunate even if inside I’m breaking up.


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