Sun, wind, sleet and all hail Cornwall - In the name of Thiago - Day 45

Speedo Mick or the Gibbonator?

I ask the question because while everyone’s favourite cheerful Speedo-wearing nutcase walker was crossing the Devon/Cornwall border yesterday, so was I. Okay I was in a car but well we’re kind of coming from the same place with what we’re trying to do, though I guess he has a few more resources at his disposal.

Anyway today was my first Cornish walk of my short trip here and it was a belter. I’ve got to be honest there are no end to beautiful places to walk round where my auntie and uncle live in the little fishing village of Gweek but today will take some beating.

The first five or six miles were road as I wanted to take in the naval air station at Culdrose and hoped to catch some planes in flight for this blog. I just couldn’t take the pictures fast enough so all you get is this pic!

Before I got to the start of the route where I’d decided to pick up the coastal path, I caught these nutters playing golf. In the rain, in February. I can only imagine that they have very demoralising home lives!

Poldhu Cove is a stunning spot and the sun put in an appearance briefly at this point – it’s been a very in out sort of day. The white building over my right shoulder in this picture used to be a hotel but is now a residential home. Whenever I see it, I can’t help thinking of The Shining.

After a brief stop to refuel, it was time to get on the coastal path as cousin Johnny had suggested. It was a tough little climb – well for me anyway – to get up to where the residential home is but absolutely exhilarating. The wind was whipping up off the Atlantic and once you get away from the cove it just smashes into you with a vengeance. Lovely.

The path veers right up to the edge of the cliff faces at points and I confess that I thought better of it after a while and made my way back inland to a little village called Mullion. Then as if emboldened by the thought that I might not get many better opportunities to do this, I headed back to the path via Mullion harbour, which is one of very many National Trust places to visit in this extraordinary county.

Onwards I went towards Kynance Cove through bright sunshine, winds which blew me backwards at one point, and then finally hail. Yes fucking hail! At that point I thought it had got too much and though I partially regretted later maybe not completing my route via the coastal path, I wasn’t feeling safe so it was the right decision. I traipsed through fields managing to completely submerge both boots and then made it back to a café for quarter past three and a hot drink and to be reunited with Angelica and Elisa.

It’s hard work but I’m getting better each time I walk and I hope that my little man Thiago is looking down at me today and feeling proud of what I’m trying to achieve. God I miss him.


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