The charm offensive - In the name of Thiago - Day 28

The charm offensive – Blog – Day 28

I’ve been making a big effort to try and use my contacts in the media in a positive way to help me generate some more donations for University Hospital Stoke and Birmingham Children’s Hospital – the two beneficiaries of my fundraising efforts.

As I mentioned yesterday, my exploits were featured in my hometown local, the Eastbourne Herald and a big chunk of the article was drawn from this blog. It also struck me, that the things that I was writing about on Day 1, were rather different to what I write about now.

Have I really come that far in a month? Maybe I have. Anyway, here’s the link to the piece again in case you missed yesterday’s blog:

And this morning I’ve been cracking on with the next opportunities. First up was a visit from a Sentinel photographer, to go with the piece they plan to publish on Tuesday. I then went to Signal my local commercial radio station this morning to be interviewed by Simon Humphreys. Simon has been a news journalist at Signal for 20 years – he’s the news editor there now – and his passion for the area and for people living in the Potteries and beyond is a wonderful thing.

He’s very proud of what the radio station does and so he should be, they have an impressively strong sense of community. We had a lovely conversation about Thiago, and though it was very hard for me and a little teary in places, I hope I’ve given him some good content. It’s a very strange feeling being interviewee after being interviewer for so many years.

(here I am pictured at Signal's studios in Shelton)

I’m very happy to report that after yesterday’s walking to work exploits that I feel absolutely fantastic today, which partly freaks me out, as I was expecting to wake up feeling like a sack of shit. A few aches were there but they quickly eased off and I feel like doing it all again, which seems like a very strange thing to write.

A stroll at Westport Lake beckons now before some research of routes for the summer, which I know that I need to dedicate time to. Then it’s another dinner party, this time with old friends Glyn and Janine that it’s fair to say had dropped off the radar somewhat. Glyn is actually collecting us from our house this evening, which is why I’m writing this at 2pm. I will certainly not be in mint condition later!  

Until tomorrow folks!


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