Who's in charge here? - In the name of Thiago - Day 35

I had a lovely evening with my Lithuanian friends Mindaugas and Kristina last night. The Dickie was, as it always is: functional. I had a dirty burger and a Guinness before we dropped the girls back at my house under the stewardship of the big man, who had already turned in.

The three of us then powered onwards into town for crafty beers and whopping glasses of gin. We bumped into Angelica with all her nurse friends who weren’t getting quite as twatted as I’d expected – some of them were still constructing whole sentences!

The best/funniest part of the evening though came when Elisa started to wonder where we’d got to and sent me the following messages in fairly quick succession:

Hello, when will you get back
Or are you to (sic) drunk to respond
What do I do with her (accompanied with a picture of a sad looking Morta)
Why you so drunk

I replied: I’m not drunk, coming home soz xxx

Elisa then wrote: I bet you are

Well I was, you simply can’t mess this girl about! I know that I should probably exhibit greater parental control of this little monkey but you know what, we do have an incredible relationship and I guess I just view these things a little differently these days.

I’ve been in text conversation today with a mate of mine who’s been having a really shitty time of it. I have no words that can ease his pain and bring him a solution to what he’s going through but I hope that me being there for him provides him some comfort.

I know with all the shitty days that I’ve been through leading up to and since Thiago died, anyone that’s taken a few moments out of their day to ask me how I’m doing at any given time has definitely brought me a few crumbs of comfort. It’s not much but it is something.

It’s been an otherwise lazy day, watching a bit of the Six Nations and I’ll be heading out to meet Steve in a bit. I’m hoping to talk him into a fairly long walk tomorrow so let’s see how that goes…

Please if you can donate to my cause I would be very grateful. I'm raising money for University Hospital Stoke and Birmingham Children's Hospital.


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