A long overdue stroll - In the name of Thiago - Day 71

So today finally, I say finally because it does seem a while since the last one, I went on a long walk. Well longish anyway, the ten miles from my house to Stone.

I feel as if my fitness has gone back from where it was say three weeks ago, which is slightly worrying as the start date for the 300 mile trek is now less than 12 weeks away. You’ll note I’m speaking in an authoritative way saying it will go ahead in spite of the global pandemic taking hold all around us.

Of course things may change, and they almost certainly will do as the virus takes a stronger grip but I am of the opinion that while we still have the capacity to carry on then we most certainly should do. Although on the flip side of that I have just had a message from my friend in Vienna to say that they are barely able to take a walk now as Austria, like some of its European counterparts is in lockdown. It could very well be a case of making hay while the sun still shines..

Today the sun was occasionally shining as I made my way from my house with the little man attached to my chest as you can see in the picture. Something wasn’t quite right today though. I felt really lethargic and even after a couple of miles I wasn’t truly hitting my stride. Which partially explains why I ended up in this gaff having a pint and a pork pie barely an hour and a half after I’d started. I know it’s not great but shit happens.

Shortly after my impromptu visit to this converted bank now run by the Titanic Brewery, I took the canal path from Trentham and didn’t leave it until I rocked up in Stone nearly two hours later. The towpath was relatively unobstructed and not nearly as saturated as I thought it might be. In fact the only real problems came from knobhead cyclists flying though as if they owned the place.

It made me think actually that cyclists get titsed off with motorists being shitbags and then likewise pedestrians with cyclists but that’s as far as the chain goes unless of course I’m missing something/someone even further down the food chain than the humble walker?

The girls caught up with me at half four at the Star Inn in Stone. We had to go there as unfortunately the Swan doesn’t allow kids, which I’d completely overlooked in my planning. This is where we met Rob and Lesley and their daughter Izzy. Elisa gets on like a house on fire with Izzy so it was a lovely way to end the day.

But I’m now sat on my own in the kitchen writing this, so I’m calling the week to a halt and shall bid you all good night and share a close moment or two with the two ladies in my life who mean so much to me. And I shall also touch my heart where my little Thiago sits and tell him that I love him so much too. Because I fucking well do: now more than ever.

Help me keep thefundraising going for The NHS you lovely people, as this ten grand is not going to raise itself folks. They need every bloody penny they can get at this time more than ever before.


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