All hail humanity - In the name of Thiago - Day 60

As I mentioned yesterday evening, I went to a networking event this morning. My very good friend Nigel Howle arranges a monthly meeting at the Titanic Brewery and of all the business networking that I’ve done – and I have done an awful lot though admittedly it was a very long time ago now – this group definitely cuts out all the crap.

There’s no big sell, no stupid expectations of you referring business to people you don’t necessarily trust to do a good job, it’s just a very relaxing meet. Of course it makes it a lot easier when there’s no real expectation on me any more. Years ago, I’d be expected to bring leads back, which often went nowhere and led to recriminations about why we spent money on such things.

Today was different. Nigel invited me along and just made me feel very welcome and the people in the room did the same. They’re a credit to themselves and the organisations they represent. And even better they were very generous to the charities that I am raising money for, which was the point of me being there. It was very much a case of an early morning well spent.

As you can see from the picture here where I’m with my new friends Adam and Hayley, the people that came to the meeting really took to the felt hearts. I’m so overwhelmed with the way that people are donating to the cause and having a heart from me. It quite literally warms my heart to see people wearing them too, as it’s a lovely connection between Thiago, myself and others.

Seeing people at my workplace wearing them with pride as well often brings a tear to my eye but hey I’m pretty much a bloody expert now at crying in public places, so wahey, bring it on. The solidarity and he camaraderie the felt hearts are bringing is on a scale that I really wasn’t expecting and has had the production line very busy! I am touched.

By comparison, the rest of the day was relatively uneventful and at ten to seven in the evening as it is now, the remainder of my evening is likely to be spent wasting emotional energy watching Tottenham continue to be destroyed by the God awful management of Jose Moaninho. I almost want Norwich to knock us out the cup, such is my irritation.

Anyway, this is not a football blog and the time has come as I wind this up for the day to give you the usual signpost to my donation page. In the last couple of days, I’ve raised £200 offline from people’s incredible generosity and the more I put myself out there, the more people seem to want to help.

When Thiago died, I questioned the very point of my existence – many people still might! – but now I feel so much positivity from those around me driving me forwards. So well done humanity, you delivered!


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