Back on track - In the name of Thiago - Day 83

I was encouraged earlier today to write a more positive blog and though it’s fair to say that I don’t tend to do special requests on these matters, as luck would have it, today has been a much better day. So bring it on positive vibes. They’re coming right at you all!

That said, it was still a relatively inauspicious start. I felt a little tickle on my nose when I came downstairs and bizarrely noted that my nose was bleeding. So I did as absolutely no one would have done until about three weeks ago and checked the latest guidance on coronavirus to make sure that it wasn’t a new symptom!

Well I’d remembered that none other than that renowned medical expert and former England and Tottenham striker Gary Lineker had said that loss of smell was a symptom so loss of smell/nose bleed worth a look I’d say.

Sadly for both my good lady Angelica and our free-spirited daughter Elisa, I seem to be otherwise healthy and so our lives for the time being will continue as they have done all week – largely with a complete lack of direction and like treading on eggshells.

Well actually that’s not quite true. The lack of direction resoundingly yes but the eggshell treading has eased off slightly. After our little heart to heart chat last night when I got home from work, though our personal lives are still horribly broken from the loss of Thiago, Angelica and I are in a better place.

And it really just isn’t us. Many families will be discovering just how little they like spending lots of time around each other – I am genuinely not being ironic here – and Angelica and I are doing that while mourning for Thiago. Of course it’s going to be utterly shit sometimes, but what I know and want to do now is handle the shittier moments with a little more calmness and say, you know what: it’s perfectly okay that something was shit because I can handle it with a bit more maturity. Christ alive, I’m getting enough fucking experience!

I had to get Elisa out of bed shortly after midday today when her mate Bella rang. The shock on Bella’s face when I told her that Elisa hadn’t quite managed to get out her pit was a picture. I suspect that Bella has managed a little more structure in her life this week than I’ve managed with Elisa. The perils of Daddy day care!

Elisa did manage a cello lesson by video today at 2pm. Her music teacher and I had been trying all week to arrange a lesson and it finally happened today. Hallelujah! In fairness to the little toerag, Elisa has been practising more this week as the threat of a lesson neared than at any point in the last three months so I’m taking that as a resounding win.

When I knocked work on the head at 2.45, just kidding HR it was a perfectly acceptable 4.45, Elisa and I went and kicked a ball about in the garden. It felt good and I need to do more of it. My health, like a lot of people’s I’m sure, has taken a bit of a hit this last few days and I can feel it. The lethargy has returned, the achiness in the arms and legs too though today has been better for sure.

Tomorrow is another day, let’s hope it can take off from where I’m leaving this one. Time to get cracking with the dinner and get ready to greet Angelica with all the positivity and bonhomie I can muster. It’ll certainly be a lot easier to do today than it was yesterday!


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