Decisions decisions - In the name of Thiago - Day 79

So last night I made the decision that come what may I will not be returning to the offices of my employer until this situation clears. I am lucky. Providing that I make myself available to them through this very difficult time, that is a compromise that they are prepared to accept. It’s worth pointing out that this is what the government is asking us to do wherever possible.

So my message to anyone that is prepared to listen is please take the best precautions you can for you and your family although frankly come 8.30 this evening when Boris addresses the nation once more, even that decision may be made for us.

Angelica is still at work as I write this and I really do worry about her and her colleagues now. You have to admire what Angelica and her colleagues  at the NHS are doing for us ordinary folk. They are extraordinary people doing extraordinary things in extraordinary times.  

Today, I’ve been working from home while Elisa has hidden away upstairs. I know that for a lot of parents, the fact that children all need to be at home now causes a lot of anguish. If today is anything to go by the only thing that I’ll need to worry about with my little lady is making sure she eats. It’s early days I know.

Angelica’s countrymen seem to be handling the coronavirus with rather more common sense than we do here in the UK. I saw a social media update yesterday showing a group of bikers grouped together in Bakewell. There must have been about 100 of them, maybe more, clearly not one of them remotely concerned about social distancing.

From the conversations Angelica has with her family, despite the Latin American way of life which frankly doesn’t lend itself too readily to social distancing, they are getting the message and broadly speaking reacting accordingly. And to keep themselves amused they like to make comedy face masks out of coconut husks! This is Angelica's Dad Edilberto by the way.

It’s important to focus on the positive, though as you know, I get very up and down in my fragile emotional state. Still being in the very early stages of the grieving process and then this is an absolute bitch of a double whammy but the longer it goes on the more resilient we’ll all become is how I try to convince myself that I’ll come out the other side ok with my family at my side.

I’m going to give the felt hearts another unashamed plug. The wonderful Gemma Smith is now getting ridiculously creative with her crafting. If any of you reading this fancy having one of the hearts shown in the picture here, let me know. These limited edition hearts are available at £5 – with all donations to our wonderful NHS – as part of my overall fundraiser but you can also have a plain red, blue or yellow one all with a hand-stitched T on them to remember my little man.

Ah well let's see what that buffoon Boris has to say this evening. Take care everyone and stay safe. 


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