Dig in deep - In the name of Thiago - Day 76

Tonight’s blog title could be an analogy for my life as a whole I reckon. I shall endeavour not to make this all a bit me, me, me as I know how much stuff like that gets on my tits but at times we do all have to just dig in.

The circumstances that society faces are challenging but you’ll have to excuse me when I point out it’s probably not even in the top five of tough shit I’ve had to deal with in the last twelve months. Having said that I appreciate that for the vast majority of you, the evening’s developments are a right pain in the Harris.

For the first time in a pretty long time, I can honestly say we are phenomenally busy at work. Yes, I hear you say, but don’t you work in the public sector Gibbs? Indeed I do, but a communications team have a lot to do when the shit hits the fan and everything closes. Being incredibly busy is a really good thing and I was glad to be working in the office after virtually the entire week working from home.

How long I will be able to work in the office though I don’t know, as the country moves closer and closer to a virtual standstill.

Straight after work I bobbed down to my local tennis club and had a short match with my good Brazilian friend Leo. I edged a very tight tie break 8-6 in the first set but then he twatted me out of sight in the second before closing out a champions tie break just as the floodlights went out. It felt very final and somehow appropriate.

Anyway enough of all that maudlin shite, I thought you’d all like to see a Thiago video. Yes folks, it can never be a bad idea to remind you, and to some extent yours truly, of the reason I’ve written 76 consecutive blogs and that’s my wonderful little man Thiago.

My little hero had such an incredible enthusiasm for life that it just seems so brutally unfair that he had it taken away from him. But he did and I must live with that appalling injustice every day for the rest of my life. And if I’m going to do that, then you lot will just have to forgive me the occasional wobble (okay maybe more than occasional!) and indulge me in some lovely moments of reminiscence.  

Well that seems like a good moment to end on, so quit your fucking moaning and dig in folks as it’s time to be strong and kind to each and every one of us. Even Arsenal fans.

And please don’t forget that – to quote one of my favourite bands Supergrass from that glorious mid nineties era – I am ‘In it for the Money’. So keep donating. The charity sector is getting hammered in this soon to be recession as much as anyone else so give what you can as we do everything in our power to keep the NHS afloat.


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