Get me out this box! – In the name of Thiago - Day 75

It’s three days now since Bo Jo’s more stringent measures were announced and I must confess to feeling a little stir crazy already.

I don’t know about you folks but I do find it hard to keep up with general life at the moment. For a start, I’ve had more communication from Elisa’s school this week than since September and for a predominantly paper-based organisation, they are clearly feeling the pinch.

I’ve not always been their biggest fan but credit where credit’s due, they seem to be staying on top of a rapidly changing situation pretty well. Like the rest of us – and remember I work in local government comms – they are always working a day behind due to the timing of the former Have I Got News For You panellist’s announcements at Downing Street being made early evening.

Angelica has gone back on a long day shift today bless her. This means she’s typically out the house at 6.30am and not back until 8pm. I genuinely do not know how she does it, to keep the same level of professionalism and energy levels up for so long. She’s like a lifesized Duracell bunny!

As a further precautionary measure against the global pandemic, we’re facing she now has to wear this kit as well. Once Angelica had sent me this picture all I could think of was Sean Connery in Dr No! I am reliably informed by the good lady that they make the wearer sweat like a pig. And there are hats to follow apparently. Please shoot me if I ever complain about wearing a suit again.

The letter from school today was to let me know that they will be remaining open to children of key workers next week from 9am-3pm. We qualify on the basis of Angelica’s profession but I was extremely surprised to learn that people who work in communications in local government could also qualify as key workers. I will not be offended if anyone snorts in derision!

These little beauties continue to defy my expectations for the sheer extraodinary levels of popularity they are maintaining despite everything else going on. Another £230 went into the fundraising pot, though you can still help please!

I’ve done it before but I want to give another big shout out to Gemma Smith for pushing this so hard and also for adding to the range with special edition ‘heartfelts’. Gemma – you’re amazing!

Finally tonight I’m going to let Elisa see us out with her new Coronavirus dance. Elisa and I had a lovely chat this morning. She confirmed that I could send her to any school next week, she wouldn’t care where it was just as long as it avoided her spending time at home with me.

Unfortunately she’s feeling a little under the weather tonight so the dance is a little half-hearted but I think it’s a fine sentiment. We’ll beat this with dancing and good humour I reckon. Enjoy the rest of your evening folks!


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