Get your rocks off - In the name of Thiago - Day 59

Fear not good folk for this is not a tale of me reaching sexual nirvana or simply enjoying myself, depending on how you take Primal Scream’s lyrics. Nope this is something far more unexpected.

I appear to have inadvertently stumbled on something that Elisa really seems to like. It’s oky, it’s not alcoholic. Now I’ll be brutally honest and I know my uncle Brian and auntie Mercia – who will no doubt get round to reading this in due course – won’t be too upset when I say that my initial reaction was shall we say slightly dubious about this gift.

But as Elisa starting cracking open the boxes yesterday and again tonight a sense of childlike awe glazed over her face. And actually to be fair some of the rocks are pretty cool. She’s completely fascinated by the fact that so many rocks originate from Brazil and as you would expect from an 11-year-old girl, anything that’s shiny gets a big thumbs up.

So Brian and Mercia if you are reading this, keep up the collection for it’s going down a treat!

I’ve just got back from yoga. There are no pics today you’ll be glad to know as I left the old dog in the car during the lesson. I am feeling undeniably better for keeping up with the lessons. The after-lesson glow, or golden time as I like to call it, is the highlight – that feeling where I’m just completely relaxed is something I wish I could just bottle and carry round with me. It would be a lovely counterbalance to prevent me losing my limited levels of calm around utter knobheads for example.

I’m going to have to wrap this up early again I’m afraid folks. Tomorrow I will be attending a business breakfast meeting hosted by my dear friend Nigel Howle. Nigel has very kindly asked me to come along to let the group know about my fundraising and walking exploits over the summer. I’m going to take some more of the felt hearts along with me as well tomorrow and see if I can raise some important funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Royal Stoke Hospital in the process.

Wish me luck!  


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