I am shitfaced - In the name of Thiago - Day 63

After a fuckload of time which I can’t very easily put into words, I have found myself at my sister’s house in Wiltshire .

This is weird as shit but I’m doing my best. I am also slaughtered as I write this after Pete (my wonderful sister’s husband who is keeping me going is keeping me in tow), is monitoring the situation.

The truth is I am feeling low. Really low. Pete has achieved so much and has provided a wonderful life for his family which obviously includes my sister and what have I done for me and mine?

I need to get a grip. I know that the world is a complicated place and yet all I feel is sadness. One thing I know is that I love my sister Holly. She is absolutely phenomenal.

My beautiful wife Angelica is wonderful too and keeps me well. I am so sorry, I am so conflicted and I have to take some space to say good night. I am drunk and confused..

This is day 63 and I am truly brutalised. Good night folks, I can do no more.



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