I feel shit but it's not that - In the name of Thiago - Day 73

I’ve never mentioned this in my blog as it wasn’t particularly relevant before but I rather suspect there may be a few days coming up over the next couple of months where I start to write about themes rather than the actual events of a day.

I am feeling exceptionally sluggish today. That used to be the norm for me pretty much from about the age of 15. Back then, I was convinced I had chronic fatigue syndrome or ME but when - through a stroke of luck - I was referred to the sleep and ventilation unit at my local hospital about three years ago, I discovered that I had sleep apnoea.

I now wear a horrendous elephant man style contraption at night, which while preventing my heart from stopping during those resting hours does unfortunately mean that I struggle to maintain my jaw-dropping sex appeal which came so easily to me in my twenties and thirties!

This is Jack my cat. I hated the little bastard when we first had him but I have moved all the way along the gamut of emotions from hating, to tolerating to where I find myself now, which is a position of grudging acceptance that he is part of our family.

I can very much say that Elisa seems to have taken quickly to the idea of social isolation. She came home from school today with her mate Bella declaring that it was time to head into town ‘to see just how bad the nothingness was’. I did say that Newcastle town centre had actually looked like that for a number of years now and that the deserted streets couldn’t necessarily be blamed on the Coronavirus, but she was not to be dissuaded.

Elisa does this thing where she sings the word Coronavirus and does like a half spin and cocks an eyebrow. I am certainly not going to play down the horrendous circumstances that society faces but a lighter moment from an 11-year-old is no bad thing.

On that note, it is time for me to ask you to help me raise funds for University Hospital Stoke and BirminghamChildren’s Hospital. As we should all be aware by now, the NHS needs our help more at this time than ever before so please do give to my cause what you can.

I'm off to make a Ruby...


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