Just keep going - In the name of Thiago - Day 58

The problem with having such a fun-filled and very busy weekend is that the start of the week hits you like a freight train.

Getting up around half six wasn’t an issue but come an hour post lunch I noticeably started to wane. While I managed to refrain from loud yawns and shouting out ‘isn’t it five o’clock yet’, it wasn’t until I got on to a roll around three that things started to pick up.

My work goes in phases of high levels of productivity – often encouraged by a tight deadline it’s fair to say – but punctuated with phases of procrastination leading to delays caused by indecision at a level I have no influence over. Okay some of it’s my fault but the majority of the time it’s caused up the chain.

But at least I get sufficient time to go and play on the swings at the local playground like any self-respecting 43-year-old should. Wahey! (if anyone at work is reading this particularly those in the human resources function, it should be noted that this was on my lunch break)!

My line of work is communications and it’s fairly common to get these peaks and troughs; the harder part is to avoid going crazy at the periods where nothing appears to happen. It’s all just part of the process, or not as the case may be. Anyway that’s enough of an insight into the life of a low level communications officer. Let’s talk about the pocket dynamo that is my mother.

The next thing I need to do is publicly apologise for speaking ill of my mother in yesterday’s blog. I had no business expressing my disappointment in her lack of a photo. She’d actually done it so quickly that I completely overlooked it. Her name is Hilary and since being remarried about a decade ago she uses the name Brener. It was my incompetence yesterday that led to you not being party to the 90s rave scene look that Mum pulls off here with dismissive ease. Go mum.

And finally, (he said in the voice reserved for newsreaders introducing the final story of the programme a minute before the scheduled end of the programme), I’ve been pushing my activities out to another media channel.

I’ve just fired off an email – at the suggestion of my friend Trish who will be joining with me and her husband Dave this summer on the ‘In the name of Thiago memorial walk’ – to Good Morning Britain. I’ve addressed it to a Dr Hilary as this person is encouraging positive discussion of mental health through walking on the programme. I’ll see what happens but I might have a sniff of raising awareness of what I’m doing through. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.

Please remember why I’m doing this folks. It’s all to raise funds for our glorious yet desperately underfunded NHS. Help me to help them by donating to my very worthy cause.


  1. You must have been extremely tired as you didn't notice the elaborate setting behind me of the matching bumble bee on the tv screen. Apologies accepted CG.

  2. That bumble bee looks like it's been on a 90s rave too!


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