Up yours Corona boy - In the name of Thiago - Day 68

It was a slightly surreal experience at around 5pm as a few of us gathered around the telly at work to see what that former Have I Got News For You panellist Boris Johnson had to say about the global pandemic we are experiencing.

I’m finding it hard to take the PM seriously as his default setting still seems to be to try a comic aside even when talking about something that will inevitably kill a lot of people. In attempting to portray a degree of gravitas this evening, we have now been warned that many of us will lose a family member long before time.

Well I can tell you Bo Jo, that I am not having that. I have had quite enough death and as I’m still very early on in my grieving process there is no way that Coronavirus is claiming any more of my lot.

Something did make me laugh today though – in addition to Boris’ attempts at being statesmanlike  – and that was the PM’s warning to older generations not to go into self-isolation. My old man has been in a form of self-isolation for about 12 years now, so I shall pass on the PM’s advice and see how he reacts. I’m banking on some sort of derisory snort.

It’s not been all that long since we got back from our half-term trip to Cornwall but I’m already really looking forward to a day off tomorrow. I’ve got a mixture of administration, life stuff and maybe if I’m lucky a beer in Ten Green Bottles with the good lady where I’ll also be dropping off a poster to promote my fundraising.

(Elisa's not a big fan of having her picture taken)

I’m still feeling so tired but at least as the working week has progressed, my mental health has moved into a better place. It’s not a big win but I’ll take anything I can get for now.

One thing that has helped is my Dad has taken himself off to Eastbourne for a week. I feel bad for saying that but it’s fair to say that it’s taken a terrible toll on me and Angelica. When I’m in a better headspace I think I’ll be able to reassess but for now this is me.

Well that’ll do for now folks. I’m at the ice skating rink with Elisa and I ought to start showing a bit more of an interest..



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