What you lose on the swings... - In the name of Thiago - Day 61

No matter how glass full I am determined to be, it’s still true to say that you can never have it all your own way.

So while this week has been a bonanza one for fundraising and generating lots of ideas and leads for how I can do even more for the two hospital charities that I am working so hard for, the fitness side – which is also very important to me – has taken an undeniable hit.

This has been exacerbated even further by full exposure to my Dad’s culinary skills. Having my dad living with us has been as a diplomat would put it: ‘an experience’. Now I’m not going to express how I would like to put it on these pages but suffice to say if there was a swear box for all the written words that I feel are fair game to use, it would be trading briskly.

My dad is absolutely sensational in the kitchen but every meal has to be a work of fucking art. He loves food, absolutely adores the stuff, which partly explains why he is enormous. I must be a terrible disappointment to him for my interest in food virtually ends at eating it.

Elisa, bless her, said to Angelica the other day, I’m so hungry, I just want to eat normal food. Recently we have been blessed with king prawns, langoustines, mussels and the like. Yesterday we ate scallops with bok choy in an absolutely delicious ginger sauce. I loved it but Elisa’s taste buds aren’t quite there yet and I am worried that she’s not getting enough nutrition right now.

Dad spends an absolute fortune in Sainsbury’s almost daily, which is somewhere I haven’t shopped for years. He really doesn’t need to, as over the years Angelica and I (and Elisa of course), have grown used to living more modestly. Don’t get me wrong the food is absolutely delicious but I’ve got to the point where I want him to be doing other things.

He needs to be doing other things. He needs to get out, which it sounds like he has done today to be fair, he needs to rejoin society. If he can do this – and getting him to could yet prove to be one of my greater achievements of the year – then I think he will be rewarded for getting out there and giving it a go. It can’t be easy for him after so many years festering in solitude in Australia but I know it would be great for him to try.

The strain though for my family has been immense. Poor Angelica has borne the brunt of it as Dad knows that she is far more sympathetic. I tend to be a little more direct in my approach. I want my family back and I need to reconnect. But having Dad around is preventing that from happening. It’s not his fault and yet it is too. He still seems very reluctant to do anything for himself.

This is a very slow burner.  

I need to get off to ice skating now folks so just the usual reminder. Give me all your money. (Well the NHS actually).

And in case you were wondering, we’re having bangers and mash tonight!


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