With a little help from my friends - In the name of Thiago - Day 86

Whatever rubbish might happen in the day, once I switch on to my time I am lucky to say that I have a small number of incredible friends, who truly do mean the world to me.

One of those people is this fella Stephen Tibbals. ‘Tibbals’ is the only person I know who is referred to by their surname alone. Occasionally people stray towards using the affectionate term Tibbo but apart from the odd minor indiscretion, he is universally known as Tibbals.

Tibbals has a plan, a very fine fundraising plan. A little while ago, he achieved notoriety in one of the tabloids when a social media marketing gimmick suddenly threw him into the national spotlight. 

Every Friday through the summer of 2015, Tibbals and his workmates would strip off as the temperature soared both literally and figuratively. The posts on his social media profile proved, shall we say, popular!

And the top man that he is, he’s now looking to see how a re-enactment of that – hopefully when the weather’s warmed up a bit! – when this whole crazy lockdown situation has eased off, might help to raise a few quid for my two chosen NHS hospitals as I do my best to pay a fitting tribute to this little man.

Essentially Tibbals’ plan is to try to raise £500 over a month by asking people to quote ‘Naked Friday’ when they donate to my fundraising cause and if people get behind it and help me reach the target, then he’ll extend Naked Friday by another month and so on. Presumably, there’ll be a point where it’s no longer feasible to be in the buff but I’ll let the great man himself be the judge of that. Remember Tibbals, it’s for charity mate!

So over the coming days and weeks, there’ll be more info coming out about this, as so far it’s only really been a conversation that Tibbals and I have had.

I really needed a lift today, so whatever happens now in the midst of coronavirus, I’ve been handed another reminder that there are some pretty special people out there who have got my back. Good on yer Tibbals my old mate, sending a big virtual hug down the line to you!

Ooh I get by with a little help from my friends...


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