Wowee! - In the name of Thiago - Day 65

So long after I’d written yesterday’s blog and was thinking of winding down for the night, Angelica and I had a lovely message on Facebook from one of her work colleagues Gemma.

Now I don’t know Gemma particularly well other than she had her son Charlie at the same time that we had Thiago. Both Charlie and Thiago had a tricky start to life but I am very happy to report that Charlie is doing very well having not long turned one.

I’m sure that there will be a slight feeling of awkwardness because of the different outcomes for our children but there really shouldn't be because Gemma is doing remarkable things to support Angelica and I. And that, ladies and gents is a beautiful thing.

To emphasise that point just take a look at this little beauty that Gemma, completely unprompted, decided to make for us.

You’ll probably have read or seen about the beautiful felt hearts that are doing the rounds. Well that was all started by Gemma. So many people said that they wanted one, that a mini production line had to be started off the back of the interest that this wonderful gesture started. I’m not sure that Angelica has forgiven Gemma yet!

The thing I like about the hearts most is how they connect people in my life and Angelica’s of course too. My Thiago heart sits on my suit jacket every day at work and brings me just a little bit of comfort. His heart sits above my heart and you can’t get any closer than that. Christ I miss my little man so much, those fucking tears just keep on coming.

I am lucky to work in a place where the showing of solidarity really matters a lot. People aren’t doing it because they feel forced to, they’re doing it because they recognise the horrendous fucking pain I experience every single day and it matters to them to see me get through the day somehow. Thank you people.

So if you haven’t got a heart yet and would like one, shout me or Angelica up and we’ll get one to you somehow. There is a rumour going round that there might even be a ceramic version in the not so distant future. Well I live in the Potteries – what did you expect?!

Please help me to raise money for the two wonderful hospitals that cared for my beautiful boy in his short lifetime. It will make me very happy.



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