You've got this Gibbo - In the name of Thiago - Day 69

Work doesn’t half get in the way of a lot of positive stuff happening is my synopsis of today’s activities. Don’t get me wrong It wasn’t that I got a shitload done by any means but it felt like it. And now I’m listening to The Wonder Stuff so it can’t be all that bad!

Angelica and I had a meeting to get our wills drafted this morning. Strike a light he was thorough. More than two hours he spent with us, which even allowing for the usual pre-amble seemed like more than enough.

Still the upshot of it all is that we challenged ourselves to think about what happens in the event of our demise in a very sensible way. The advantage of looking at death-related stuff now is that I find it an absolute fucking breeze. Nothing morbid at all about it, in fact if anything I have found a huge resolution within me to protect Elisa even more. Let that be a warning to future suitors!

Here's a picture of my mum which I couldn't think how to squeeze in yesterday's blog and frankly can't think why to today other than to say that she's holding her special Thiago teddy which has one of Thiago's old T-shirts on. You know what, that's good enough I reckon folks.

Anyway back to death: if I kick the bucket and Angelica marries an absolute pillock with kids of his own, those little fuckers won’t get a penny, it’ll all go to my gorgeous little girl via a Trust fund. Of course I’d also like to point out that the likelihood of that happening is so slim as Angelica clearly has an impeccable taste in men!

So my message to you all today is protect what you have if you can. My next mission is to encourage my Dad to do the same. Now that is a bastard of a mission if ever there was one…

I’ve been up to see my Twitter friends International Decorative Surfaces this afternoon. I’ve not been having much like getting through on the old blower so I decided to just bob straight up to the front door this afternoon. Unfortunately the person I needed to see wasn’t in, so I emailed her when I got back, shared my story and now will just have to wait. Fingers crossed eh?

I have sourced two other corporate sponsors through a mate of mine, Rob Crossland. Rob is an entrepreneurial sort of chap and has his finger on the pulse in the business world both in Staffordshire and in his native Hull. So as of today, I can announce that I am being sponsored by outdoor catering Stone based company Totally Delicious and DWDG (Do Well Do Good), which supports growth businesses on their journey.

And now he’s made his best business decision yet, backing me! Good on yer big fella, I won’t let you down!

I’ve also now started telling people about my next charity event, which will be a fundraiser at Draycott Tennis Club on Saturday 9 May. That’s also my birthday folks so why not make it an extra special day for me and come along and help me raise a few quid for our wonderful NHS and have a lot of fun into the bargain?

Exactly. No reason not to, so get yourselves down to Draycott and let’s celebrate life while we still have it everyone.


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