Celebrating the mundane - In the name of Thiago - Day 89

As I mentioned yesterday, finding a focus for the blog has become somewhat trickier in recent weeks, but today I had a bit of a brainwave – to focus on some really, really dull shit.

So today I’m going to begin by discussing the top of my left thumb which I advertently sliced the top off last Friday, while chopping an onion. Angelica kindly ripped the flappy bit off that was hanging from it last weekend and I have tried putting a plaster on but they never seem to last for long – guess the cut is in an awkward kind of place.

It doesn’t look too upsetting does it but my word it’s not a good idea to dip the hand it attaches to into some salted cashew nuts! In these testing times, I do wonder whether we’ll see an increase in nominations for the Darwin Awards as people do dumber and dumber shit. I’ll try to give them a miss..

I’ve had a reasonably productive day today at work – relax people I’m still working at home – and a large part of that is because as part of my employer’s digital refresh, I have now been upgraded to Windows 10!

Yes I know that Windows 10 came out five years ago and Windows 11 will be available this year but, hey come on, taxpayers’ money cannot be wasted on such frivolity as providing suitable technology for people working in the public sector – even those working in communications. So I’m taking this as a victory and crikey things didn’t half work faster. Even the user!

Part three of celebrating mundanity comes in the form of my amazing daughter Elisa’s morning ritual. I don’t know the full extent of it obviously, but I was touched to see the way she looks after her big ted ‘Griz’ by popping her pyjamas on him when she doesn't need them herself. Frankly I’ll take anything that is a show in some way of keeping a lid on things in her room. Up until recently, it was a bonus to see the carpet.

Lastly from me today, I wanted to share with you the sheer joy I gleaned from a magnificent tea and biscuit combination I had this morning. Firstly the brew was just spot on, almost as good as Trevor’s at work – Christ alive that man makes an absolutely outstanding brew – and then in a moment of glorious inspiration I took a chocolate digestive and snapped (note it was snapped not broken), it perfectly in half. It was perfect, a work of fucking art. If you’d been wearing a cap and seen me do it, you’d have doffed your attire in well-earned praise.

No really everyone, it’s fine, there’s really nothing wrong with me..


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