Come on give me something - In the name of Thiago - Day 115

The title of today’s blog is not a plea for content for the blog, although that ends up being a by-product. No, it’s more a completely unrealistic request of mine aimed at our government, which will of course go unheeded.

I’ll admit it, I’ve felt slightly defeated today and as I’ve said before that I can live with that, as there are good and bad days. This definitely falls into the latter category.

I have a very active mind at times, so I’m always looking ahead to the next thing. I do struggle to stay in the present, something my good friend Jamie Hickey is always encouraging me to do. The yoga has improved this state of affairs but there’s still much work to do!   

I want to plan helping my dad move into his new house, (we collect the keys on Thursday) have my brother visit at the end of May, plan my walk for the autumn, get back nto training for the walk, progress some of my fundraising. And of course the answer is always ‘computer says no’. But this is the same for everyone. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, I’m just getting gradually worn down by the frustration.

Elisa’s mate Bella turned 11 today, so Angelica and I decided it would be a good idea to get her a birthday balloon. Very luckily for us, our lovely next door neighbour Louise has a business making balloons for all occasions and she insisted that she wanted to do this one on the house and that her payment could be us making a contribution to the fundraiser, which I have now done to push the current total just over the £6,700 mark! Naturally I encourage all of you to do the same please. Thank you so much Louise – it was a lovely gesture. We are so lucky to have you and Steve next door.

It was a bit awkward this morning, though. Elisa and I went next door with some Prosecco (well it only seemed fair) put the bubbly on the doorstep, Louise took Prosecco in, placed balloon on doorstep, stepped back while I stepped forward. We did it! Elisa and I then walked to Bella’s placed the balloon and card outside, rang bell and waited. Bella's mum and my friend Sarah said that birthday girl was out the back so we pinged back round there and repeated the process again.

I daresay there may be some people thinking, well Chris that wasn’t a necessary journey. I would say, it was the only time I left my house today, I never stepped within two metres of another human being and the end result is that there is one very happy 11-year-old now. On a day like today when I’ve not really got going, that knowledge is a wonderful thing. Bless you Bella and happy birthday to you sweetheart.

Yesterday, I was telling you all how much I loved the Scottish author Chris Brookmyre. Well it would appear that I have managed to take that love a little too far! As the result of an ordering error, a dear friend of mine will soon have something they didn’t expect to read. Wow, two kind-hearted gestures in a day, I’ll get myself a bloody reputation at this rate..


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