Exercise is good for you - In the name of Thiago - Day 110

I know, I know, what an utterly preposterous title for a blog you might think. But no, I shit you not, it really is. Now admittedly, I wasn’t necessarily thinking that when that Epsom bastard Joe Wicks was putting Angelica, Elisa and I through our paces this morning but it all came good in the end.

Yep, the three of us have just returned from our one form of outdoor exercise a day with rather a lot more than we’d intended. On our way up to the green for a climb of the tree and a general loaf around this afternoon, we stumbled upon these two beauties placed outside number 87.

So on our way back, I knocked on the window and had a lovely little chat with the chap who lives there and after making doubly, doubly sure that we weren’t taking the piss in helping ourselves to them, even though a sign clearly said that someone should, we popped them on top of our bonces and carried them down the road.

Naturally, the pocket dynamo that is Angelica refused all offers of help by way of me offering to come back to get the second chair later today or maybe tomorrow. I guess she’s known me long enough not to trust me or something to that effect. My back, which was giving me a bit of jip earlier on today, is now protesting a lot more fully but thankfully, tonight is online yoga night so all being well, I’ll be able to right that wrong.

Here they are, my two beauties. I’m referring to my girls now, not the newly acquired pieces of furniture. Angelica is going back to work tomorrow but I managed to finish at 4 today and that meant we were able to trundle up to the green together and be removals guys. Elisa loves the tree, as I think I’ve established in recent blogs and as for me, well I’m just happy to see her happy. It’s far from easy for children at this time and what with her hormones making her go a bit crackers, well I’ll just say that she does me proud.

While the ladies luxuriated in cherry blossom-lined splendour above me, I finished my latest Luke Jennings crime thriller. The television series is good but only because the books race along at an equally blistering pace.

I’ve got a Chris Brookmyre novel that has just arrived today to get stuck into next and then I’m hoping to get my hands on a copy of Lockdown by Peter May. This is the book that’s causing a bit of a stir, as though it was written 15 years ago and dismissed by publishers as too far-fetched, it is now imitating reality in startling fashion. The author claims he’d forgotten he’d written it. I reckon his financial adviser will be glad he remembered..

Well the yoga class went tits up as the instructor’s connection kept dipping out, so instead I found something on YouTube and did that. Some American called Adriene who is a big deal in yoga it seems but who told me to dip down into my love cave. I nearly pissed myself and had to stop. So though, as Elisa pointed out to me earlier, my plank is more like a plonk, that’s going to have to wait another day.

Finally here’s my street getting to their feet and appreciating the NHS starting with my good lady directing proceedings from our bedroom window! Though I lost my boy in an NHS hospital, the two hospitals that cared for him with such compassion are one of the reasons I’m doing this today, so please if you can, make a donation today. Thank you.


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