Finding some head space - In the name of Thiago - Day 99

If there was one thing that I would love to have, it’s a massive empty space in my head so that I could wipe out all those dark thoughts and worries about events, which of course I have no control over anyway.

Wouldn’t that be a thing. Apart from a few emails to keep fundraising donors, (where possible) updated with the progress of my memorial walk plans and existing walkers up to speed with the schedule, I have done fairly close to fuck all. And you know what, I’m pretty comfortable with that. Because I have those days, and anyway the government would be proud of me!

Elisa is continuing with her extraordinary commitment to lazing, today was a fairly standard 1.30pm get up time. I probably ought to be doing something about this but well I haven’t. There are no excuses to offer for this other than my own mental state, which is a proper old rollercoaster.

Elisa had a bash at preparing chocolate cornflake cakes today which she seemed to enjoy. The plan was to make this a bit of a stay at home family day, chilling out and enjoying each other’s company. Well it certainly seemed to work yesterday when the sun was beating down on us all so why not a repeat?

Well we got as far as making the cakes as you can see and I can report that they were perfectly acceptable, if a little messy! The plan after the cakes was to all sit down on the sofa and take in a film together. Angelica chose the film and then Elisa promptly declared she would make her own entertainment in her room.

I don’t think I’ve seen this film since the late 1980s and for easy family fun, it still passes muster though winning four Oscars seems a little over the top now. I reckon John Williams certainly deserved his for the music score though I would say is my humble opinion.  

I’d forgotten most of it and as if further proof were needed that the slightest thing can set me off, the scene where ET and his little boy mate are on something that’s meant to look like a type of life support, memories of turning off my little man’s life support machine came flooding back to me. And so the tears came flooding back too.

Ah yes, well this is the bit we mostly remember of course. No sooner had the film ended then I took to my keyboard to write this, my 99th blog. If after reading about me watching E.T. today, you are now feeling a little nostalgic and perhaps generous, then please don’t forget that I’m doing my best to raise£10,000 plus for the two hospitals that cared for Thiago in his short life. As of today, I have raised £6381.50, and that’s something I’m incredibly proud of.


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