Postponed until the autumn - In the name of Thiago - Day 97

So coronavirus, you have won this battle but you will not win the war. You’ve forced me to accept that the ‘In the name of Thiago memorial walk’ has had to be postponed. Postponed is the important thing you should all note though. This is most definitely not a cancellation.

And you know what, to postpone is not only the common sense thing to do, it’s also the right thing to do for my mental health. I’ve been in this state of limbo for the last 2-3 weeks knowing that this was always going to be the point that I would reach but without fully being able to accept it.

This walk is absolutely everything to me for so many reasons: seeing friends, enjoying camaraderie on the route, exploring parts of the UK I know nothing about and getting fitter to name but a few. But the biggest one of all of course, is doing something, which for me at least , comes under the banner of being absolutely incredible for my gorgeous little boy. I miss him today as much as I did on the day he departed this earth in November.

There we are look, the two of us, utterly inseparable. This virus is not going to stop me remembering my little hero. Nothing ever will. The virus, while knocking a few bails of shit out of me no question, is not going to have the last laugh. I have too much spirit and strength in my very being to allow that to happen.

And you know what I’m not alone in thinking that. I’ve just had a nice chat in the garden with my old tennis coach – and he’s more determined than ever to get back up and running, quite literally in his case. None of that running shit for me though, Christ no. I’m a walker me! Good on you though Craig – we’ll get that tennis barbie fundraiser going at the tennis club in August all being well.

So my new walking itinerary means that the whole event has basically just been bunted back 15 weeks. I will start on Saturday 19 September at the Victoria on Terminus Road in Eastbourne. And exactly as before, it will last four weeks ending at the Royal Stoke University Hospital on the afternoon of Friday 16 October.

I mailed everyone on my database of walkers this afternoon and only had one bounce back so I think I'm doing pretty well in more ways than one. So while I consider having a shave, allow me to sign off today as I often do by reminding you that I’mtrying to raise a life-changing amount of money for the NHS: specifically the two hospitals that did so much for my little man for the precious few months he was alive. They are Royal Stoke University Hospital and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Happy Easter everyone and please remember: stay the fuck at home.


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