The beast has risen - In the name of Thiago - Day 108

Spectacular scenes at my gaff today as Elisa was sat down on the sofa in the front room by 9am. She had made a pact with me last night, which I still have video evidence of – it’s the one that I couldn’t upload yesterday – that she was going to join in with the Joe Wicks PE lesson masterclass.

Well after a few minutes of assuming an embryonic pose on the sofa, she eventually accepted her fate. And besides I’d accepted mine too as I knew she’d never do it alone. This was going to hurt me more than it was going to hurt her.

And so it proved, just not in the way I expected. While Elisa whinged her way through the 15 minutes of the half hour session that we were supposed to be doing, my swearing output cranked up a couple of notches. And as more regular readers may recall, if Elisa catches me swearing, she’ll give me 20 star jumps.

As we moved into the uncharted territory of squat thrusts, I’d already inherited another eighty star jumps and to be honest, I think she was only catching every other one. Part of the work-out involved doing star jumps, which Elisa said couldn't be knocked off my rapidly soaring total. Brutal. She’d have needed super slo-mo and play back to get all of them I think and I’m on about 1,500 now, so I don’t need to give the little toerag more opportunities!

Speaking of slo-mos, on our daily walk today, Elisa decided that she was going to make a little slo-mo while she was sat in her favourite cherry blossom tree on the green. Elisa won’t permit me to take any photos of her but she’s always happy to show off what she can do from behind the camera and was insistent that I shared this with you of course.

These little walks we have are a blessing. The whole working from home thing is becoming more and more bearable and I’m starting to find that the shitty days are becoming less and less frequent. I’ve always found it extremely challenging tolerating twats but one benefit of course of the nation’s predicament is that no-one can see me grimace. And then when it’s all done for the day, I get to go out for a stroll with Elisa.

You’ll remember this fella from yesterday. Well Elisa decided that she would put him to work painting the panels at the front  of the house. I find myself chuckling at the thought that like Super Steve, others might get scared shitless as they walk past.

Aneglica has not long got in and I have been greeted with the news that she is ever so sorry but she’s had a solid diet of ‘feijao’ today, which to you and me is Brazilian beans. Best I go and put some fresh bed linen in the spare room I think..

You know the drill now folks, whatever you can give towards my cause will be very gratefully received as I prepare for my life-changing walk this autumn, providing that is, that Angelica doesn’t blast me out the park this evening with a feijao inspired symphony. I'm suddenly glad that I sleep with the aid of a CPAP machine...


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