We're all in this together - In the name of Thiago - Day 111

We’re all in this together – this is without a shadow of a doubt my underlying feeling for the day.

Do your best, give everything you’ve got and pull together and collectively we can make the world a better place. As you may have already guessed, I’m in an annoyingly fucking positive mood today, which as my friend Gayle from the child bereavement charity A Child of Mine shared with me the other day, ‘’may not solve all life’s problems but will at least annoy enough people to make it worth the effort”. So here I am, just to piss you off!

So today it’s been one of those classic moral dilemmas. Angelica’s at work so it’s me and her ladyship at home. I had a very busy day’s work ahead of me but I also knew that Elisa has been doing very little with her schoolwork. I woke her up at 8.30, went back to what I was doing and then kind of forgot as I got lost in the tasks of the day. An hour later, she’s still in bed and claims that she kind of just drifted off.

I would argue that with her incredible imagination, Elisa is in a fairly semi-permanent state of just drifting off; that’s why I love her so much. She’s everything I used to be.

She did do a fair bit of maths and some coding – yes that really is a thing at primary school these days, just think of some of the incredible shit she and her mates will be able to do in a few years’ time – but the funniest part of the day was when the two of us were sat on the sofa and I asked her what would be the best way to get her up in the morning. I suggested we get her an alarm clock.

Elisa said: ‘Your suggestion makes a lot of sense but there’s something in me that just doesn’t want to say yes!” Gees I love this girl so much and I know now that I’ve lost my beautiful boy that I will forever indulge her to possibly unhealthy levels. But you know what, fuck it, you won’t get a whole heap of joy trying to talk me into being any other way. She is everything to me and a lot more besides.

I must say the old wheat beer is going down a treat tonight. I’m so glad I didn’t take the easy option and do the 8 cans for £9 on the Brewdog as though the beer is passable, they are such utter twats. Good beer yes, good company oh God no. Complete bunch of shitfuckers.

Anyway, back to the positivity, forgot where I was for a moment there. Fundraising has hit a bit of a slump again, I need a new idea to kickstart things. I can’t just keep banging on about it at the end of the blog but having said that, donate here if youhaven’t done so already, so here’s a timely reminder of why I’m blogging every bloody day and walking 300 miles this autumn to raise money for our NHS. The little man Thiago Frederick Gibbs – my fucking hero he is, gorgeous little lad. The boy had rhythm the evidence is right there in a video I cannot share because the file's too fucking big. Bollocks. So you get a nice pic instead.

I am feeling positive and yet now the tears are streaming down my face once again. It’s just brutal, brutal.


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