What's the point? - In the name of Thiago - Day 116

Hopefully this isn’t a question that any of us have to answer too often but with my work it’s one that I have had to ask of myself on a couple of occasions in recent times.

Happily because I will be 44 in ten days’ time and don’t really worry too much about stuff especially thoroughly unimportant things on life’s register like work, I don’t fret in the way I might have done two decades ago.

When I ask myself the question ‘what’s the point?’ now, I answer, because to do a job bloody well is a very satisfying feeling and that never changes. Whether you clean a toilet or run a multi-national business, the pride you take from doing a job well doesn’t leave you.

I did a good job of something today because in short I am absolutely fucking exceptional at what I do. Whether that exceptional work that I did ever comes to fruition further down the line is something I have no control over.

Does that bother me? Well yes it does, at times, especially writing this as someone who once had a great deal of responsibility and visibility in his work and who now appears to have no clout or influence whatsoever. But my work stands out as someone who truly knows what they are doing. That, at least is a nice feeling.

Elisa received this letter from one of Angelica’s colleagues Costas at the hospital today. Elisa seemed a little nonplussed by it to be honest as she couldn’t quite level being thanked for allowing her mum to go to work, with the fact that she tends to spend 12 hours a day in bed.

As I was watching the cogs whirring in her head, I had the impression that she was thinking ‘if I get thanked for this non-contribution, then what other laziness-based activities can I earn merit for?' Perhaps I’m a terrible cynic but you need to remember that she is related to me and I am a journalist!

My day ended with an hour-long walk and then a retirement to the summerhouse to read some more Brookmyre. He was a journalist you know before he became a published author. Now there’s a thought..

Don’t forget there’s still plenty of time to make a donation to my charitable cause, which is to try to raise £10,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Royal Stoke University Hospital as I remember my beautiful boy Thiago. If that wasn’t a good enough reason to donate, I will also be walking 300 miles in my little man’s memory from Eastbourne to Stoke-on-Trent this autumn. Wallets and purses out please, you've got naf all else to spend your money on in the current climate!

Good night and all the very best to you all.


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