When I grow up I want to be... - In the name of Thiago - Day 104

I remember a few years back I asked Elisa what she would like to be when she grew up. Without even seeming to pause for breath, she asked me the very same thing. Perhaps she’ll be a stand-up comedian.I shall come back to this theme in a little while.

But to kick things off tonight I want to return to something that I wrote about yesterday. Focus. Last night after a very fulfilling day, I decided that I would go and do the weekly shop before I started work today. It’s not much but the simple act of carrying out this duty and being back home before the working day had even started, (or at least my working day had even started!) made me feel pretty chuffed.

You’ll note the mask. To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought to wear one had Angelica not said to me about it last night but there were definitely just as many people wearing them today as there were not. So I didn’t feel too out of place, which frankly I wouldn’t give a shit about anyway, as I plodded around the aisles.

Even at Lidl the social distancing measures are being taken more seriously now. It’s not perfect but I didn’t have that same feeling of anxiety as I’d had the last time I was in Lidl but that might also be because I found the German meatballs with comparative ease. It’s hard to say.

Even allowing for the extra time for queueing, I found the whole experience relatively painless. I think people are now a little more relaxed – which may not seem like the right word but nonetheless does reflect how it was today – about the shopping experience and are allowing each other time to do what they need to do. Or maybe that’s just the benefit of getting in and out early.

So back to careers. Elisa was doing a bit of school work around careers and this involved some research and answering questions relating to her character and temperament. The research threw up teaching, medical nursing, performing arts (no shit Sherlock) and holistic therapy as potential options for her in later life.

One of the questions she had to answer was ‘do you prefer facts or possibilities’? Her response was priceless. “I prefer to focus on possibilities rather than facts because facts take way too long!”

Angelica had a go as well and we gleaned that she would be well suited to most things practical, which of course came as no surprise. Submariner was one neither of us were expecting and I was trying to suppress laughter when we discussed a future career as a lady gardener. I know, I’m extremely juvenile. Well at least I resisted the urge to suggest some potential clients!

I’ve been asked to play this 'publish ten covers of albums that influenced you' game on Facebook by Nigel Howle. Today was day two so I thought I’d use a picture of tonight’s choice for the blog. Who knows, I might even play it later.

Before that though, as well as reminding you all to donate to the two hospitals that I am fundraising for, (good Lord I should never forget to remind you of that), I’m going to join forces with Angelica to take on our Lithuanian friends Kristina and Mindaugas in a virtual pub quiz. Nice.


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