A man with a plan - In the name of Thiago - Day 132

I’m starting the weekend with a new surge of positivity. Because for the first time since around the middle of March, I actually have a proper plan to do stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to start pulling up trees, but from where I am at the moment physically, any sort of a plan is a good thing. And a plan is what I have.

I’ve had a very good working week and I’m in a good place mentally right now, all of which has led me to think I need to take advantage of this and crack on with the physical side too. So tomorrow I’m going to make an early start and do a 12 mile walk – a kind of circular route encompassing roads and canals, going out to Kidsgrove and back.

I did this route with my mate Steve about three months back and we got absolutely smashed to fucking pieces by the elements on the way back. I remember the day clearly. My hands were so cold I could barely get the old fella out for a Jimmy on the way back. Strange what most sticks in your mind sometimes!  

Now that some of the lockdown measures have been relaxed, on Sunday, I will also be taking on my old mate Leonardo Pasta at tennis over at Draycott. Through my good lady, I have heard that Leo has lost a few pounds, which frankly is poor form I think. Leo and I were, how can I politely put this, two of the portlier members at the tennis club.

I feel as if he’s done me a terrible disservice by not consulting me on this weight loss plan. Looks like I’m going to be a lone wolf now, while I try to shed a few pounds. It’s kind of weird but as someone who carries a pleasing paunch, seeing someone else who clearly enjoys their food and a light ale or two as well is strangely reassuring. I hope Leo and I can still be friends after this awful betrayal..

Putting my issues on the newly svelte Leo temporarily to one side – and I shall provide photographic proof after our game on Sunday – today has been a day where Angelica has been in full on production mode. Making the most of every little piece of material that she can find, she has been producing handmade masks in readiness of future government advice.

I did suggest, only partially tongue in cheek, that this would make a pretty impressive sideline business. Although no words left her lips, a look of determined indignation at the suggestion convinced me that I might need to think this through a little more.

One of Elisa’s school projects, handily enough as I was talking about my need to shed a few pounds, is about preparing nutritious food. So under the quiet supervision of Angelica, while I am hiding in the summerhouse writing this now, Elisa is being let loose with sharp knives and an inquisitive mind in the kitchen. I can’t see any problem with this at all, though I am going to stay where I am just in case!

I am having a beer this Friday evening as it seems to be the one consistent thing to end my working week. Besides it’s worth celebrating the fact that my employers are thinking positively of me at the moment rather than fretting over when I might next be a disruptive influence. Happy days.

Righto folks, her ladyship (the younger) has just advised that food is to be served presently so I’ll just wind this down with the usual request. Give me all your money. Wow that was easy, not convinced it will work mind…


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