Bridgeman you bastard - In the name of Thiago – Day 138

Well of course the spectacular high of the last couple of days could simply never last. And so it was that as I stepped on court at Draycott at 3.30 this afternoon, full of positivity and with a preposterous notion, that I had it well within me to give Bill a proper game, reality didn’t take  long at all to set in.

By 3.40 and three games down already, the notion was well and truly crushed. In no time at all, Bill had picked my game apart with surgical precision by the truly emphatic scoreline of 6-1, 6-0. I’ll be honest, it was fairly dispiriting. It seemed that the harder I tried, the worse it got.

To be fair it is of course just a bloody game of tennis, but I do pride myself on giving a good account and that was woeful, however encouraging Bill was afterwards saying how it really wasn’t all that bad. He’s a teacher by profession so he’s quite used to focussing on the positives I guess!

Anyway, here’s the customary victory shot with the always completely magnanimous Bill. Shit though I felt in the immediate moments of defeat, maybe more embarrassed actually, the discussion that followed was very enlightening. I now have a bit of a plan for how to improve. But I’ll say no more. The Gibbs will come back stronger..

I may have felt shit after defeat and shit is what I shall be clearing soon enough after the local avian population took to our family tent with gay abandon. The little fuckers gave it a right proper splattering an’ all. It was a nice thing to do – not the shitting the camping – though I can’t say it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Within a few moments of my head touching the solitary pillow, Elisa was telling me to stop the chat as it was time to get to sleep. I think Angelica was quite grateful for the intervention!

I was meant to be doing a yoga session this evening but I couldn’t make out what the instructor was saying on the online stream, so I had to give that a miss, which does at least give me a little more time to get my shizzle together before I ring my friend Daniel in Vienna this evening.

This was a pleasant delivery to receive today. Look at these beauties. Though I’ll be honest, I was expecting a bit more bang from my buck in terms of giraffe content as the product was described as ‘lanky giraffe’ and unless I’m missing something, there’s not a great deal of giraffe going on here. That relatively minor detail has just taken the edge off my undercrackers treat. Let’s see how I get on with the socks that are due to turn up tomorrow..

But rather than end on something that takes the edge off a treat, allow me, courtesy of one Mr Jamie Hickey, make sure we finish on a high. Here's a marmoset, lovely little fella isn't he?

So the pinnacle of the high is over but I’m still feeling pretty good about the route ahead and that’s not a bad way to check out tonight. But before I do – you didn’t really think I’d forget did you? – just a timely reminder that the reason for all of this is to help me create a legacy for my little man Thiago, and raise a big pile of cash for the NHS. If you can help me do that, I can ask no more.


  1. Great read as always Chris excellent afternoon whacking tennis balls my friend you were better than the score suggests. See you on court soon my friend for more pointless tennis shenanigans 😁🎾

    1. Absolutement. Just glad we can get back outside and enjoy it all again 👍


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