Game, set and match Pasta - In the name of Thiago - Day 134

I’ll be quite honest, when I rolled in – and it was pretty much a rolling in – from my walk yesterday afternoon, I really wasn’t sure how I would fare stepping on to a tennis court this morning. I’ll get round to the how I fared a little later on, though the title of today’s blog tells you that I came second this time.

I woke up fairly early again but refused to move until I got a text message from Elisa to say that I’d locked her out, (she slept in the tent again last night). This was an impossibility as I’d made doubly sure not to have locked the back door before I turned in last night, but Elisa was adamant. Of course, this was on the basis that something has gone wrong, therefore Dad must have fucked up.

In all fairness, this is pretty much a flawless system of processing information in our house. On this occasion though, the locked door was down to Angelica nipping out to give Elisa a morning kiss at 6.30 before going to work. So it was, in fact, a compounded error from my better half. Waking her ladyship up several hours before her natural rising time and then locking off her route to the biscuit jar!

At just after 9, I slipped off to Draycott for the aforementioned tennis match with Leo. Just in case you thought I was trying to mislead you with the blog title, Leo’s surname is Pasta, I didn’t simply succumb to Italian cuisine. That will probably come later.

This first picture was taken at one of our early changeovers when I was still very much in the contest. As I feared, Leo has certainly lost a big heap of weight and he was far more able to chase down what might have been lost causes for him before. He’s denying himself carbohydrates. I can’t imagine a life without potatoes, but then again I have a few other food types in that category, which is why I am where I am.

At 4-4 in the first set it was pretty much anyone’s to win but I didn’t notch another game thereafter and was well beaten long before he served out for an easy as you like 6-4, 6-0 win. Well played Leo, you utter bastard.

But the main point is that I did it and by doing so, I have improved my fitness just a little. And considering that for a while I thought I’d barely be able to hobble around the court, just getting through the game was a positive step.  

And this was my reward. A magnificent brew even if I do say so myself. There are not many things in life I’d venture that are more satisfying than a perfectly brewed cuppa. Who knows though, perhaps if I play and win next week, I’ll treat myself to something a little stronger. Baby steps..

Well you all know by now how this ends. I don’t bother dressing it up to be anything else other than a plea for money. Please bung the NHS a few quid and help keep my motivation up for my 300 mile walk this autumn.


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