I have ivories to tinkle - In the name of Thiago - Day 141

There’s only one place to start tonight’s blog. At 5pm today, along with the hired muscle of my brother and the good lady, we collected a piano from a house in Wolstanton. It’s hard to explain how happy this has made me feel. Suffice to say that even though I’ve been right on top of my game in all areas of my life for the whole week, this has just put a permanent smile on my face.

I’ve already had a little tinkle and learnt three things. The first is that at some point I’m going to need to learn something over than the instrumental introduction to ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’, the second is that it will unquestionably need a good tuning and thirdly, fuck me pianos are heavy.

I really am happy. I have no idea what’s wrong with me. This is not something that I’m either accustomed to or have any idea how to react to. I’m in this weird sort of space where I want to help everyone and keep being kind to people. I have no idea how long this is going to last. Maybe this is that ‘new normal’ that all those annoying bastards keep referring to.

You always hear how good mental health is inextricably linked to good physical health and of course it’s not rocket science to make the connection. But I’m amazed at the speed of the progress I’ve been making. In no time at all, I’ve become really comfortable with where I am, the metaphorical journey I’m on and how what I’m doing can relate to the world around me and the people that will be by my side as I move forwards.

These are the two most important people, who will be with me the whole way, Angelica and Elisa. Angelica’s powers of resilience never cease to amaze me – she truly is a remarkable woman, while Elisa just goes from strength to strength in so many ways. Yes, it’s hard some days seeing her change, knowing that she’s not really a  little girl any more. But the way I’m seeing it, is that each day she simply makes me proud in a different way. There has been a lot of sadness in my life recently but right now I feel very lucky. That’s a special feeling.

This is another reason I feel lucky. These came in the post the other day: one for me and one for Angelica. I’m so glad I got in touch with the parent bereavement charity ‘A Child of Mine’ this year. Now I’ve not really worn accessories since Blur were at their artistic peak and I was a sensationally good-looking chap but I’m making an exception for this. It’s all about knowing that someone has got your back for those dark days when things really do turn to shit. And when you’ve lost a child, there are plenty of those fuckers.

My mood has been further improved by the knowledge that I am to be joined by someone for the entire final week of my walk this autumn. This is a massive relief as the rescheduling has meant that I’ve lost a few walkers here and there for various reasons. As it gets closer, I’m sure I’ll pick up a few though too, so it’s a definitely a case of what you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts. So it’s a big thank you to Adam Parkes for taking the plunge. Let’s just hope we don’t realise within an hour on the Monday that you think I’m a complete twat. Now that would make a long week for you!

To finish today’s blog on a high, here’s a below the knee view of my magnificence. It’s probably the part of me that I’m most confident to show off, though in fairness I’ve never been shy in that respect, as far too many people I know reading this and far beyond would gladly testify!

Thank you for reading. I don’t get anything other than the amazing sheer satisfaction that writing this blog gives me – and that is enough – but I would ask that if you can, please donate to the two hospitals that provided amazing support to my son in his tragically short lifetime. Doing so will help me build his legacy and bring me some comfort.


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