Keep going – In the name of Thiago – Day 137

Yesterday was blog number 136 – not a significant milestone by any stretches of the imagination, but it did feel like the most positive day in all that time. So you’ll forgive me if I hang on to the coat tails of it for a little longer, and fill you in on the piece of unfinished business from yesterday – the rematch with Señor Pasta.

As you may recall, possibly Cheadle’s leading Brazilian tennis player subjected me to an awful, chastening defeat on Sunday morning. Well I am delighted to announce that I punished his impudence last night by closing out a hard-fought 6-4, 6-3 victory shortly before 9pm as the night closed in.

I am kind of pleased that I managed to avoid letting out a loud guttural roar as I finished things off with a straightforward forehand volley into the open court, but it was a close run thing. Those of you who know my tennis playing habits – and I’m looking at you here Craig Leese – will be reassured to know that the constant swearing and personal rebukes in between points was still very much in fine fettle, as was the refusal to chase down some shots, which were slightly out of reach, in order to conserve energy for the greater challenges ahead.

This probably explains why I only clocked up a paltry 6,000 steps on my fitbit watch thing. In fairness I did chase down a couple, although I must bow to my South American opponent for his stupendous effort in pursuing hopeless causes. He pulled off a couple of show-stoppers in his defeat, which was honourable.

Tomorrow is an altogether different challenge. A Mr Bill Bridgeman awaits for a 3.30 afternoon appointment. He’s a far more challenging proposition altogether as a seasoned player of racquet sports. I intend to destabilise him with appalling gamesmanship interspersed with some random acts of gentlemanly conduct. Perhaps I shall also play in my pants and smoke a cigar (see Monday’s blog) for good measure!

It’s very warm in the summerhouse tonight, where I’m writing this. It’s become part of my early evening routine to retire to this spot. It’s like my quiet, safe space and I very much like it. A nice cold beer is my current reward for another very productive day of employment and then we shall see what else…

I’m expecting it will involve these, in fact I ought to crack on as Angelica will be home soon and some willing needs to be shown. A couple more beers and two phone calls with good mates after some nosebag will hopefully round off what I’m sure will be a very pleasant evening. To further guarantee its pleasantness, I would naturally welcome you to donate to the ‘In the name of Thiago Memorial Walk’ cause. Come on you lovely people, you know you want to!


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