Relaxing measures relaxing mind? - In the name of Thiago - Day 128

I’ll come clean. Ever since the lockdown was announced my physical condition has deteriorated. I’ve really struggled with the whole one form of exercise once a day thing and although it was never written down specifically, in my head I couldn’t level going out for a five hour walk with everything else that was happening around me.

Well I no longer have that excuse and the walk is now four months away. That’s plenty long enough to get to a reasonable level of fitness but my physical shape now is probably something more like it was at the beginning of January.

It’s the mental side though, that is the greater challenge I think. All the not knowing, starting with the moment we went into lockdown, to the point a month ago where I had to postpone, through to where I am now has had a big impact on me. I have struggled.

This is my cat Jack. He certainly doesn’t seem to have the same issues around flexibility and fitness as I do and he’s not walking 300 miles in September/October. I’m now thinking about the people that are due to walk with me too. If, as expected, social distancing measures are to be adhered to for the coming months, then how would that play out with the people that are due to be joining me for the walk. The sense of camaraderie would be lost is how I see it at the moment.

It’s kind of strange but with all the announcements that have been coming out of Downing Street both yesterday and this evening, although I am feeling really encouraged by a lot of it, my mind keeps taking me to what we won’t be able to do as a society rather than what we will.

Now you might think that this is a somewhat negative approach, but the point is that in order to be able to raise as much as I can for the hospitals I’m walking for, I just don’t want anything to potentially put anyone off. It really is a balancing act. But as it all stands, I’m walking in the autumn and I want you to join me!

Elisa, who is in her final year of primary education, certainly wants to get back to some sort of normality, so the schools announcement has come as a real boost to her. This is what she’s been working on today – in addition to her regular schoolwork he muttered unconvincingly under his breath.

All the work that Elisa has been doing at home has been of a pretty good standard but bloody hell, what a mission it is to get her to start. She’s a smart lass, no question but my word if there was an A* awarded for procrastination, she’d get it.

One thing I won’t procrastinate over is asking you wonderful people for donations. Please help me if you can to reach my £10,000 target. If I can get there by the middle of September, I shall be a very happy man indeed.


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