Start as you mean to go on - In the name of Thiago - Day 146

Conversations between Angelica, Dad and I were remarkably civil this morning. Dad even helped out by putting the curtains back up, which he accidentally dismantled in trying to draw them last night. He felt really guilty bless him and I made sure that I took full advantage of it. Nah just kidding, I think it had a lot more to do with me getting my foot caught in the bottom of them just after I signed off work for the day yesterday.

But the old man popped them back up after we’d established that he felt safe to stand on the chair as we don’t have a stepladder. It’s been a mixed sort of day and I’m writing this in two parts. This is the pre-tennis match part of the blog as I shall be taking on Leo at 6.30.

I nipped out to Aldi at lunch time, fuck a duck that was a pretty terrible idea as you can probably tell from the image above. I just about managed to get there and back in an hour but it wasn’t a whole lot of fun. The big difference I’ve noticed between the preserve of the middle classes like Sainsbury and to be fair to them Tesco as well, and the places I go, the Lidls and the Aldis: is the social distancing.

Outside the store at Aldi today, all is well. Everyone keeps a respectful distance but once you’re in the store literally anything fucking goes, whereas at Sainsbury the measures seem to apply in the store as well. I think the anxiety of knowing I needed to get back from the store as I had tasks to complete this afternoon, made for a less than ideal shopping experience.

Look at this little beauty that Angelica has purchased. I told her that I’d crack on in the garden tomorrow and do a bit of tidying up. She’s given me a stern talking to and warned me about appropriate use of said chainsaw. To be fair, my mate Steve did the same a while back when he lent me his.

I’d like to think that Angelica is concerned that I might inadvertently recreate a scene from Scarface, (gees that scene still gives me nightmares sometimes), but realistically I know that in her mind, this is her tool and no-one should even think about knackering it up. I’m with her really.

And so finally tonight, and with a heavy heart, I turn to the tennis. Leo surprised me by serving outstandingly well in the first set to win that 6-2 and then capitalised on a mid set wobble from me in the second to win that 7-5 too. I don’t think I played that badly, though I still missed a few I should have made. There was a doubles game taking place on the court next to us so I worked hard to modify the language. It probably sounds pretty fucking terrible to say it but I find the on court swearing actually helps me. Of course I wouldn’t curse if I was winning, as my learned friend Craig pointed out only the other day, but I find that it actually shakes me out of my stupor. 

I may have to consult with Angelica on appropriate swearing in Portuguese. Or maybe my Austrian friend Daniel can enlighten me with swearing in German. Being such a guttural language, I imagine this would be extremely satisfying. Strange really that I don’t already have this vocabulary in German when I consider myself to be reasonably proficient in the language. 

One for another day perhaps. For today, all that I need to do now is remind you of my charity fundraiser. That target of £10,000 is still too far away for my liking, so you guys can definitely help me with that. Good on you. I found the pictures above under the sofa today and it made me cry. Not that great, five minutes before a video meeting, but I just about managed to hold it together. The little man would have been proud. I miss him so fucking much.


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