A fine day’s work - In the name of Thiago - Day 155

I finished my latest read ‘The Bone Collector’ by Jeffery Deaver last night. Having been prompted in the first instance to read the book by a vague recollection of the film starring Denzel Washington many moons ago, I decided to watch the film again this morning. It was shit.

Despite the fact that at 11am it was starting to smash it down, Angelica was not about to renege on a promise that she made to the old man earlier in the week that she would come back later in the week to finish off a job that’d started but not been able to finish. When she has an idea in her head, it’s simply impossible to shift it. So off we all went in the pouring rain.

After a bit of a chinwag with the old man, just enough to establish that he hasn’t got too much to whinge about, though he did of course have a tremendous stab at it, I joined Angelica in the yard to begin my weeding and bush pruning duties. Dad’s backyard looks more than simply respectable now, he was even a little bit grateful you know. Wonders truly never do cease. And it did actually stop raining.

We had lunch for the first time at his place today. It’s a bit tricky as there are only two places where you can sit to eat, so Angelica and Elisa made a good fist of lunching while perched on the window sill in the front room. Dad and I made a tremendous effort to be civil towards each other for the entire duration of the meal.

It’s strange at times: the harder I tell myself to just let all the things that Dad does that wind me up to wash over me, the more likely I am to want to have an ‘open and honest exchange of views’. Let’s just say that he really has a knack.

I was also trying to find ways where Dad would be able to connect with Elisa this afternoon. The fact that they do now have something of a relationship is more down to her, though Dad does find her amusing. Dad used to build model planes, and maybe he still will. I told Elisa about this last night knowing that the last time I was in Dad’s garage, one of his models was within arm’s reach. She seemed really interested and wanted to know more.

He got a bit cross when I suggested he find his models today, as he’s since moved everything round and they are well and truly buried. It’s frustrating. Elisa will soon be an age where any interaction with her Grandad is likely to be a thing of the past. Unless, unless they can find something to bond over. It could still happen, but time is not on his side. The thing is though, he doesn’t seem all that bothered. Ah well, whatever will be will be, and all that.

Elisa was really well behaved at my Dad’s place. She does make me proud. I know that a lot of kids her age would kick up a stink about there being no WiFi. Yes, she was on her phone a lot of the time listening to music and playing Pacman but she was very polite and perfectly happy to explain at some length the plot of a book she had recently read to the old man. ‘You have an incredible attention to detail Elisa’, Dad commented!

We left at about three o’clock because I wanted to beat the weather and get out in our garden as well, as there were two trees I needed to take down. That slightly disappointing little pile below is all that remains of my labours and will be delivered to Dad soon, to add to his supply for his new wood burner.

Much more weather like this – squally showers would be about right to describe the weather in the part of the north where I am – and that wood burner will be getting put to use this summer.

I’m feeling fitter than I was and glad I got outside even if I eased off the walking this weekend. I’m confident I did the right thing, thanks to the very sensible advice that Angelica gave me. The RICE principle – Rest, Ice Compress, Elevate – has done its work and I reckon I’ll be back on it next week and maybe even the tennis court too.

In the meantime, I’m simply going to ask you to consider making a donation if you haven’t done so already. That would be a fine thing, but why not share my story too as a way of getting this out to a wider audience? Thank you all for reading.


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