Boys’ day out – In the name of Thiago – Day 176


I was talking to my fellow blogger friend Fiona the other day about the tendencies of readers. Another friend of mine Bill, who will feature prominently in today’s blog, calls it the car crash theory. Everyone wants to read about of people in the depths of despair. And speaking honestly, sometimes there’s very little worse than an extremely happy person – they can really do your nut. I already know I’m on a loser today because I’m afraid I’ve had a pretty good day.



Now for those of you that are still with me, allow me to describe a good day out with a friend who I’ve only got to know a little better in very recent times. Bill’s an absolute sports and outdoors nut. We’re very different in many ways but have a similar outlook on life, which is why I had no hesitation in accepting his invitation for a 14 miler today on Cannock Chase.


I do like Bill, though he’s almost as bad as me, possibly even worse for wandering off on a tangent in conversations. He also talks a healthy amount of shite as well, as much as you can say that, which is definitely a case of the boot being on the other foot!



Bill was brought up around Cannock Chase, so knows the place as well as any man. He’s walked and cycled these parts on many an occasion, and in my limited experience of him, seems to approach any opportunity to be outside with great relish. That’s never really been me, but I am getting there. It started with me rediscovering my interest in playing tennis and now I’m walking a lot. I’ve lived a fairly unhealthy lifestyle for a number of years but I’m making up for it now. It’s never too late. I strongly believe that mantra.



We found this little fella on our travels today. I don’t know how long he’d been squatting there. I’m guessing he might have been rigid with fear thinking about it now. I just hope he didn’t get squished by a cyclist. The quality of camera phones and his compliance resulted in a nice shot for the blog. Cheers little man!


It was a different type of walk for me today. We stopped fairly frequently, actually sat down and had some lunch at around halfway, and in general just took our time. Come the end of the walk, I barely had an ache in my legs – an unusual and very different feeling for me. And I’ve also been introduced to these salt replacement tablet things that may help me avoid cramping in the future.



Bill and I also talked about some of the injustices that we’d both experienced in life. I wouldn’t do him the injustice of repeating any of that discussion here, but he gave me some very helpful advice about how I might deal with mine. I’m not going to do anything irrational – that’s the 44-year-old me talking now. I’m going to sleep on it and then someone’s going to cop it further down the line. There’s your rationality, right there!


I have a week off, starting tomorrow, which I am seriously looking forward to, though the days are already filling up. I’ve got to get some more walking in preferably about three days back to back.


Well that’s your lot today, please do try to find ways to share my story and what I’m doing this autumn, so that I can rest comfortably knowing I’ve done everything I can to keep the donations coming in.


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